Corbico Jewellery – The Audrey Crystel Charm Review and Giveaway

CaptureYou will all know by now that Corbico Jewellery is one of my favourite go to places for some stunning jewellery pieces, well once again in collaboration with Corbico Jewellery I am more than happy to bring you this great review and giveaway.

Corbico Jewellery offer some lovely pieces that you simply cannot find on the high street, it really is worth checking for the new pieces that are introduced regularly as they are simply perfect as a gift for somebody or even to treat yourself.

I have been very lucky to receive these gorgeous Silver Rhodium plated double hoop earrings to review.


They are perfect to wear as they are just the right size (I find with big hoops sometimes it is tricky to turn your head!!)  The hoop collection of earrings is new to the site and you can also get these double hoop earrings in Rose Gold as well, for £7.99 they really are well priced.

Now look at these stunning bracelets that are new to the site too.


The Bette Coin Bracelet is really sparkly and so different along with the Audrey Crystal Charm Bracelet below.


They are a very stylish set of three bangle bracelets in three different colours: yellow gold, rose gold and rhodium. The bracelets are slightly elasticated and will fit small to medium wrist sizes. All bracelets have a matching crystal studded bead charm for extra sparkle. However I will say that I have very large hands (can stretch over an octave on a piano don’t you know!!) and I have no problem with the fitting of the Audrey Crystal Charm Bracelet🙂

So once again I do recommend that you take a look at the Corbico Jewellery website to find that something a little bit special and different and thanks to Corbico Jewellery one of my very lucky followers can win their very own Audrey Crystal Charm bracelet by entering the Rafflecopter giveaway below.

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Disclaimer – I received some pieces to review but all opinions are my own


Bentleg Badsmeller of Barnacle Bay Book Review and Giveaway


What’s a pirate’s favourite letter?  “RRRRRRRRR”!!!!!!!

H is obsessed with pirates, he loves the adventures they get up to and even more likes to dress up as one!

So when the opportunity arose to review Bentleg Badsmeller of Barnacle Bay it was a definite yes please from us!

Now this gorgeous book is written and illustrated by the very talented Jilly Bentley, the first book to be published about the colourful character of Bentleg Badsmeller.

It is a tale full of adventures involving many wonderful characters who all know and love Bentleg. Set aboard the ‘Jolly Jilly’  this first story tells about how he comes up against Snotwart Sniveller, his arch-enemy, and his faithful crew hatch a plot to rescue him from Snotwart’s clutches on Whale Island.


The illustrations are so lovely and really evoked conversations and story telling from H

Bentleg has some great support from some very likeable characters



Pearl the Mermaid:


Acne the Dog:


This picture book is great for everybody young and old, H is a little young for the whole story in one sitting so we dip in and out of the chapters and make tales up from the pictures.  All that glitters is not gold and there is a lesson to be learnt for everyone from the actual storyline.

What makes it even more lovely is the story behind how Bentleg came about, in Jilly’s own words she first wrote Bentleg 25 years ago when her children were young and it remained in a drawer until recently when Jilly illustrated it and decided to publish. It is based on their family and is a story told with much love and humour.

We couldn’t agree more and for that reason we are awarding Bentleg Badsmeller of Barnacle Bay a lovely 5 stars!


You can purchase your own copy of Bentleg Badsmeller of Barnacle Bay here and one very lucky follower can win their own copy by entering the Rafflecopter giveaway below, Good Luck everybody.

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Disclaimer – I received a copy of Bentleg Badsmeller of Barnacle Bay for review but all opinions are my own


Annie Belle Designs – Father Christmas Key and Charm Giveaway


So you need something a little bit different and something unique and personal as a gift for yourself or somebody you know?  You will know that I am constantly on the look out for that little something quirky, that little something different and when I find it I like to let you know all about it!

Well let me introduce you to Annie Belle Designs, if you are looking for something handmade and that little bit special there is plenty to choose from. Annie Belle Designs can be found on Facebook or Instagram.


All items are lovingly made by Sarah-Jane who will make a bespoke item just for you, I especially love the child art that can be made into a charm, what a lovely reminder for somebody for years to come.


Then there is the hand drawn baby scan charm:


And gorgeous pendants for the young and old:


There really is something for everybody. Now one very lucky follower is going to have the chance to win one of the wonderful Annie Belle Designs Father Christmas Keys and charm.


This is a great little key and charm to use for the many of us who don’t have chimneys!  H was most upset that Father Christmas might not be able to get in to deliver his presents when he realised we did not have a chimney!

The Father Christmas Key comes with not only the key, but a charm, keyring and a poem written by Annie Belle Designs.

Please enter the competition by the Rafflecopter below and remember to take a look for yourself at what is on offer on Annie Belle Designs.

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Molly Maybe and the Ghost Train – Book Review

Fancy a ride in the Mundervator? Can you help with problems in Undermunder?  Well take a journey through the gorgeous pages of Molly Maybe and The Ghost Train and this strange place and mode of transport will become a reality!


This really is a delightful little story written by the very clever Kristina Stephenson. Including monsters underground, a ride in the Mundervator, unusual smells that aren’t from the drain and the glorious Ghoulie Gumpus it really is a great book to get little minds really thinking.


Fantastic artwork throughout the book this is one of our favourites and has been read many times already so we are giving it a strong 4.5 out of 5 stars!


You can get your very own copy here of Molly Maybe and the Ghost Train, a great adventure to enjoy time and time again.


Disclaimer – I received a copy of Molly Maybe and the Ghost Train to review but all opinions are my own


Timmy Failure – Sanitized for your protection – Book Review


You will know that I have reviewed Timmy Failure books previously and even I love them (even though I am not the exact age range that the book is aimed at!) I was more than excited to be able to review the next book in the series, Timmy Failure – Sanitized for your protection!


Now anything with an image of a toilet on the front cover has the attention of H immediately (what is it with boys and toilets!)

This is the fourth book in the Timmy Failure series and delivers as all the other books in the series a fantastic adventure with everyone’s favourite kid detective. Award winning author Stephan Pastis’s Timmy Failure books are perfect for fans of Wimpy Kid and Barry Loser.


You get lost in the tale of Timmy Failure’s road trip with none other than the notorious criminal Molly Moskins.  Together they travel halfway across the country helping Timmy’s mother’s boyfriend settle into his new job whilst maintaining his highly important detective work and running the world’s greatest detective agency Total Failure Inc. Timmy has a case to solve, and nothing can stand in his way. If he is to arrest Corrina Corrina and solve the YIP YAP case, Timmy, his sidekick polar bear Total, and Molly Moskins must go on the run!

I really don’t want to give too much away, again this book hits the mark and will even have the adults chuckling in amusement, highly recommended read yet again, we cannot wait for the next Timmy Failure adventure…..



Check out the Timmy Failure website for more great information about the boy himself!

Disclaimer – I received a copy of Timmy Failure – Sanitized for your protection to review but all opinions are my own



Forestry Commission – Colour me Happy Trails


Japanese maples displaying stunning autumn colour on Pheasant Ride, Alice Holt Forest.

I love everything about Autumn, I love the nights drawing in, the colder weather but I especially like the gorgeous colour of the leaves changing on the trees.  I think the picture above absolutely sums up how vibrant and wonderful the leaves are starting to become.

In a recent survey carried out by Forestry Commission England a staggering 96% of people said that beautiful autumn colours improve their mood, but why do the leaves change colour? What makes a maple leaf turn fiery red, a beech become golden or an ironwood transform through a rainbow of colours to deep plum purple?

To help you understand the science behind the forest’s most vibrant season, Forestry Commission England has put together a simple colour guide:

During the spring and summer months, leaves are filled with green chlorophyll which helps trees to harness the sunshine and turn it into sugars (plant food).

To survive the winter, most trees will shut down to store their sugars. A cork-like membrane develops between the branch and the leaf stem, depriving the leaves of nutrients and breaking down the chlorophyll.

The yellows of autumn leaves come from xanthophyll pigments and can be seen throughout autumn in a variety of trees including birches, beeches, ashes and field maples. Egg yolks are yellow because of the xanthophyll in plant products, eaten by the hens.

Orange comes from beta carotene – one of the most common compounds in plants. One of the best trees to see carotene in action during autumn is sweet chestnut. Carotene, as its name suggests, is also the chemical responsible for giving carrots their bright orange colour.

The red colour is unlike other leaf colours as it hasn’t always existed in the leaf. The colour is caused by anthrocyanin pigments which are formed by a reaction between sugars and certain proteins in cell sap.

If the sap is quite acidic, the pigments impart a bright red colour. If the sap is less acidic, then the resulting colour is purple. Japanese maples produce plenty of anthrocyanins and have very bright red leaves.




With a number of fantastic forest sites displaying the sensory delights of autumn, Forestry Commission England has named its top ten walks to boost your mood before the winter months.

From the lovely autumn colours which are set against the stunning lake at Bedgebury Pinetum to the amazing views from the new Tree-Top walk way at Westonbirt Arboretum, we have something for everyone. Our top spots are:

  1. Forest of Dean, Symonds Yat
  2. Grizedale, Carron Crag trail
  3. Westonbirt, Silk Wood
  4. Delamere, Blackmere Trail
  5. Bedgebury, Seasonal Trail
  6. Hamsterley, Bedburn Valley Trail
  7. Salcey, The Church Path Trail
  8. Wyre, Giants Trail
  9. Alice Holt, Habitat Trail
  10. New Forest, Tall Trees Trail

Now you guys know how much I love our local Forestry Commission site which is Haldon Forest in Exeter we try and visit as often as we can, it is great for H to run free and burn off some energy, well there are plenty of activities at your local forestry commission sites this autumn from activity trails to woven woodlands, check HERE to see what is on at your local forest.

You can also sign up for the free autumn learning activity pack, inside you’ll find some great activities to bring the forests to life for your children:

  • Hunt through the forests looking out for autumn minibeasts.
  • Make a mini woven woodland, or a leafy bookmark.
  • Play sound bingo and identify the wonderful sounds of the forest!
  • Design a leaf rainbow snake, an autumn bonfire picture, and blackberry art using the natural forest colour pallette.
  • And more..





So remember to check out the Forestry Commission website and get some colour in your life #colourmehappy #weloveforests





Back to it…


Ok so many apologies for neglecting the blog over the last couple of months, H started Primary school a couple of weeks ago so time was precious over the summer months, it really felt like the end of something special and the beginning of the unknown!  Couple this with some illness for me and a very poorly horse it has been a trying time and something had to give!

However I am back and please stay tuned for some great reviews, posts and giveaways I have lined up, it’s good to be back and it would be great to hear what people have been up to?