Uncommon Goods – Website and Product Reviews


As my followers know I am constantly on the lookout for unusual gifts and items for both H and our house and I have hit the jackpot after being introduced to the Uncommon Goods Website.

Uncommon Goods is an independently-owned business with headquarters based in Brooklyn NYC and was founded in 1999. Uncommon Goods feature unique jewelry, designer décor, tabletop items and handcrafted gifts created in harmony without harm to animals or people. Supporting and providing a platform for artists and designers with over half of the products sold being made by hand, one-third of the entire collection incorporates recycled and/or upcycled materials.

As an independent business Uncommon Goods have the freedom to support causes they believe in and to help impact the world in a positive way.  Since starting the Better to Give programme 12 years ago, Uncommon Goods have donated over $1million to charities around the world.

There is an amazing plethora of wonderful and quirky items that you simply do not find on the high street upon browsing the website.

As usual I was excited to see what sort of products would be available for children and was delighted to be able to receive the following wonderful and very different items.

Mobi is a bit like scrabble with numbers, H has really enjoyed the opportunity of working out his sums (he loves maths!). It really does challenge children and adults to work out how to use all the pieces and the handy little whale pouch makes it ideal to take out with you to keep little ones busy if you are out and about.

How gorgeous is this pencil or pen holder, to be honest I would say that this could be used for both children and adults it is so cute, lovely and solid ceramic hedgehog it certainly makes things easier for locating pencils quickly.

Now this is my absolute favourite piece and so incredibly practical!

A collapsible bucket and spade!  This is the most perfect idea ever, you can flatten it and carry it in a rucksack, seriously I cannot be more impressed with the concept and the product!

The great thing about the website is that it is so easy to browse different sections as you can choose from groups such as gifts for him, art, jewellery, homeware, children’s and women’s items.

Another item I received was a logic puzzle game called Brain String, it is quite addictive and my 81 year dad has spent ages trying to work it out along with H having a play so another item which is really unusual and great for all the family.

My father and my husband are also quite difficult to buy gifts for and without doubt I recommend visiting Uncommon Goods if you are trying to find that something special for someone special.

Finally for the ladies following my blog I can recommend the most amazing handbag which really is very unusual and I have not seen anywhere before in the UK.

This handbag is so soft and has the added bonus of a clutch bag inside it, gorgeous colours and so unusual another great product available from Uncommon Goods.

It is rare to find a place to buy gifts or items that are not the same as everything else on offer and that little bit different but I do highly recommend checking out the Uncommon goods site, I am sure you will find that something special.

Disclaimer:  I received goods free of charge for review but all opinions are my own.


My Nametags review and giveaway

Ok, so my loyal followers will know this is not the first time I have written about My Nametags and how wonderful they are and here I am again with another review and giveaway.


We have been using My Nametags labels since H was at pre-school and now throughout his first year in reception at school and we have not had one single one rub or wear off no matter how many times the piece of clothing has been in the wash!

CaptureThere are so many choices of designs, colours, fonts that you can make something really unique for your child.


I always let Henry decide which design he wants and this then makes it easier for him to spot when he is looking for the inevitable lost tie, jumper, book, water bottle that happens on a daily basis at school!


My Nametags have also now got a great travel themed name tag range which can be great for those important things you don’t want to lose on holiday, proving that My Nametags is not just for little people, check them out on the My Nametags website

Capture 1

So once again the very kind people at My Nametags have given the opportunity for my followers to win their own set of labels from My Nametags by entering the Rafflecopter giveaway below.

For all the parents out there My Nametags labels are so simple and easy to order and use and I would highly recommend getting some for your children it will take one thing of the long list of things you need before you child returns to school in September!

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Pipity Travel Activity Packs – Review and giveaway

Hello!  It has been a long time since I have written any posts for which I must apologise, there has been a number of things going on in my life which has meant my blogging has taken a back seat but I am back and back with one of my favourite ever giveaways and product reviews.


Pipity products have been designed by a wonderful lady called Kate who lives very near to me in Devon.  The Pipity goodies which were sent to me really could not have arrived at a more wonderful time with the summer holidays nearly upon us and 6 weeks to fill.

I really do not like H having too much screen time and he is constantly drawing and wanting to make stuff (this morning before school he constructed a carrot machine (don’t ask) out of paper including hand made paper carrots).  As a result of his constant artistic whims we are constantly lugging around a rucksack which includes paper, pencils, scissors and glue, well this is now a thing of the past thanks to Pipity.


There are a number of wonderful products within the Pipity range and I would highly recommend checking out the Pipity Website to see for yourself.

20170708_163759Here is a picture of H with his duck that he made from the Pipity activity case.  He now very proudly packs up his Pipity pack as we call it with his Pipity pencils (love how it all sounds) and his Pipity activity books for any car journeys or visits that we make to people or restaurants so he always has something exciting to do.


The On-The- go Games book is great fun, we spent ages playing guess who and codebreaker, a very clever thought out idea and great for all ages to enjoy, young and old.

The Pipity Activity Pack comes ready prepared with all those things little people love, pencils, pencil sharpener, ruler, scissors and glue and comes in a choice of colours. There is even a fold out section to make a little desktop for the children to draw on when they are on the go.Capture

Pipity have really thought of it all because you can also get a Pipity Portfolio.


Somewhere to store all of those great pieces of art that your child does and ideal for keeping things safe and tidy.

So I really cannot recommend Pipity products highly enough, innovative, funky, finally somewhere to store everything all together and ideal for trips in the car on a plane, to the restaurant, basically anywhere where your child can keep themselves entertained without resorting to screen time!

For my very lucky readers Pipity have agreed on a fabulous giveaway, by entering the Rafflecopter giveaway you can have the chance to win a Pipity Activity Case, Pipity Portfolio and a set of Pipity Activity Books.

Good Luck everyone.

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Gruffalo Spotters – The Forestry Commission


So firstly let me offer apologies for my absence!  I have had a huge number of things going on in my life and unfortunately this blog has been neglected. However I am back and back with a bang!

Amongst a number of things happening I have a little boy with a broken collar bone (this was done under ‘daddy day care’ and involved jumping off sofas).  I am sure when the dust settles you may see a post regarding ‘daddy day care’ but currently I have a very frustrated little boy who cannot understand why he cannot do things that are fun!


Well his luck was certainly in this weekend as we had the wonderful opportunity of going Gruffalo Spotting at our local Forestry Commission – Haldon Forest. I have done a few post now on Haldon Forest and the fun we have when we visit, well this time was the best time by far!



We really cannot recommend the Gruffalo Spotters highly enough, you can download the app for free in readiness for your adventure.


Now around Haldon Forest there are a number of clues for you to be able to spot the Gruffalo and the wonderful characters in the book.  This led to major excitement from H every time we ‘spotted’ a clue!


So interactive for all children of all ages you can also buy a Gruffalo Spotters Activity Kit which gives you more facts and activities at every character stop.  But the most amazing thing and I will repeat THE MOST AMAZING THING is when you find the footprint at the clue you go into the app, point your phone at the footprint and the character appears on your phone screen enabling your child to have his/her photo taken with that character.  This is simply amazing and truly a wonderful memory for all Gruffalo fans!

Finally after some really truly good fun we found him THE GRUFFALO!!!


This is the most fun we have had for a long time and is simply perfect to get your little ones out in the fresh air and enjoying the wonderful forests locally. I would like to personally thank The Forestry Commission for getting involved in such a fantastic concept I can see so many children having really great fun with the Gruffalo Spotter App and making some fantastic memories that will last a lifetime.

Check out The Gruffalo Spotters Page on the Forestry Commission website to check if your local forest is taking part (if not I would highly recommend a journey to your nearest one) and see if you too can SPOT A GRUFFALO!!

Enjoy everybody…….




Dry Kids Jacket and Trouser Set – Review


It is official, we love mud in our household, well to be honest H loves mud, the squelchier (is there such a word?) the wettest, slimiest version of mud, we love puddles, we love getting wet, we even love the muck heap at our horses, we love muck and mud.


So it will come as no surprise to you when asked to check out the range from Dry Kids we jumped at the chance!

There is a wide selection of products available from Dry Kids from Wellies, All In One Suits, Over Trousers, Jacket and Trouser sets, through to Paint Smocks and Hats.


Now we have tried a number of waterproof all in one suits and trousers and jackets in our house, it is a must as we are out and about every weekend so I was keen to see how Dry Kids products compared.  The Jacket and Trouser set comes in a range of sizes and is suitable for both boys and girls.  The waterproof fabric has been tested to 3000mm of hydrostatic head and is 100% polyester PVC coasted and taped seams.

The fit was excellent on both the cuff and the ankle which is a must as you don’t want the trouser leg lifting up especially if you are pretending to be stuck on a horses muck heap!  There are poppers at the ankle so it can be worn inside or outside of wellies and the elastic waistband on the trousers allowed for a comfy snug fit.

The zip is easy to do up again another must because sometimes the zips on coats especially waterproof ones can be so very tricky to do up for little hands. The quality and feel of the product was very good, I felt that H could wear this and it would do what it was supposed to do! There is a fold away hood in the collar, reflective tape detail and a vented back panel to the jacket with mesh lining.

So we decided to test the suit on the beach just after Christmas, it was a very chilly and windy day so I thought this would be ideal!


The jacket and trousers were a great fit and H felt very warm in them too (yes he is wearing gardening gloves in this picture!)


After much excitement about digging holes the inevitable lets fetch some water to fill the hole happened.


Followed by the lets wade into the sea and only stop when fetched by an adult….


A super test for any wet weather gear!

I can highly recommend the Dry Kids wet weather ranges, they worked a treat for H and really kept him dry, the jacket folds into itself for easy storage so it is easy to pop into your car for all those exciting outdoor activities.

captureWhat activities would you do with your children in their Dry Kids waterproof clothing?  I don’t think you can top puddle jumping, the bigger and muddier the puddle the better the splash!

So please do take a look at the Dry Kids Website, there is something for everybody and highly recommended by myself and H (oh and my washing machine!)






Forestry Commission – picking that perfect tree and Christmas activities


So as a follower of my blog you will know I am a firm believer in the great outdoors and a great supporter of the Forestry Commission, I can guarantee over the Christmas holidays we will be visiting Haldon Forest our local site to have some adventures and to walk off the copious amounts of food consumed in the name of fun!

Now choosing your Christmas tree is undoubtedly one of the highlights of the festive season, but other than the size, what are the things to consider when buying your tree?

Well Forestry Commission England have come up with a handy guide to tell you how to pick the best Christmas Tree for you!


Each tree species can be a little bit different in size, scent and needle retention so it’s difficult to know which one is perfect for you, below is a handy guide on three of the most popular trees:

Norway spruce

The Norway spruce is the traditional Christmas tree – it’s known for:

  • A wonderful shape and an abundance of branches – great for hanging lots of decorations!
  • A lovely ‘Christmassy’ scent that’s perfect at this time of year
  •  Being a little sharp and spikey to touch 

Who does it suit?

With a long lasting scent and a traditional shape, Norway spruce are perfect for those who appreciate the classic look and smell of Christmas.


It’s best to buy your Norway Spruce nearer to Christmas as it can lose its needles quite quickly once brought indoors. To help your spruce retain its needles for longer, keep it away from the radiator and ensure it’s watered every day.

Nordmann fir

The Nordmann fir is the most popular Christmas tree in Europe – it’s known for:

  • Having soft foliage and an even shape – making it a joy to decorate!
  • Glossy, dark green needles that have a whitish/light blue underside
  • Strong branches, which are great for hanging those big glass decorations

Who does it suit?

With its big needles which are lovely and soft, Nordmann fir are perfect for those with young children.


Our top quality Nordmann fir can be quite a wide tree, so you will need reasonable space to show it off to its best. For a 6ft tall tree allow approximately 5ft space.

Lodgepole pine

The Lodgepole pine looks best in a big space with high ceilings – it’s known for:

  • It’s bushy appearance and luscious long green needles
  • Branches that point upwards
  • That wonderful pine scent
  • It’s great needle retention, which makes it a long lasting tree

Who does it suit?

With the best needle retention of them all, Lodgepole pines are perfect for those who like to decorate their tree and little earlier and don’t want Christmas to end.


The long needles on Lodgepole pines draw attention to any decorations. More is definitely more with this tree!

Real v’s fake



Being experts in trees, woodland and sustainable forestry, Forestry Commission England’s real Christmas trees are so good, even Santa has given his stamp of approval. But why buy real?

Real trees use 10 times fewer materials and five times less energy than artificial trees. And they are completely biodegradable.

Forestry Commission England only sell trees that are grown in the UK in a well-managed way and more trees are planted each year than harvested. This year, you can even plant your own!

Every tree sold will come with a free baby sapling, allowing you to plant and grow you own real Christmas tree for the future.

It will also come with a certificate of authenticity to guarantee the trees quality, which will be signed by Santa himself.

There is also so much more to offer than just buying a tree. Many of the Forestry Commission sales centres offer a whole Christmas experience including a Santa’s grotto and a whole range of activities for both little and big kids to get into the festive spirit!

Listed below are details of the Christmas , purchase a 100% Santa approved Christmas tree online or check out top tree tips on keeping your tree fresh and healthy over the festive holidays visit www.forestry.gov.uk/christmas

Listed below are the Christmas tree sale centres throughout England.

Christmas tree sale centres:
1.       Haldon Forest
2.       Sherwood Pines
3.       Birches Valley, Cannock Chase
4.       Delamere Forest
5.       Moors Valley
6.       Alice Holt
7.       Queen Elizabeth Country Park
8.       New Park
9.       Bedgebury Pinetum
10.     Wendover Woods
11.     Hamsterley Forest
12.     Whinlatter Forest
13.     Rothbury Forest
14.     Dalby Forest
15.     Guisborough Forest

There’s loads going on at sites across the country this December including
Christmas tree sales at selected sites, self-led trails, selfie stations and
some sites even have Christmas markets and Santa’s grottos.  Please check here
to see what’s on offer locally:

http://www.forestry.gov.uk/christmas (tree sales sites)
http://www.forestry.gov.uk/christmas-trails (self-led trails sites)
http://www.forestry.gov.uk/forestry/BEEH-AEEH6C (Christmas craft ideas)


So visit one of your local Forestry Commission sites, enjoy the great outdoors, find your perfect tree and have fun.








Snapfish – Create something beautiful for Christmas


Here I am again talking about finding something that little bit different to give as a Christmas present and you cannot make anything more personal than using your lovely photos and memories to give as gorgeous bespoke Christmas gifts to friends and family.

I have worked with Snapfish previously and the choices for truly meaningful gifts gives you the option to create something perfect and unexpected.

So from calendars (I have a tradition of giving my parents a calendar with different photos of H every Christmas) through to cushions, mugs, ornaments, photo canvases, personalised phone cases, magnets, keyrings the list goes on and on, you really will find something that you like.

I created a gorgeous photo panel, it is so unusual and means so much to me as it is a photo of H when I was personally going through a difficult time and a day out that we had in the summer which lifted my spirits no end, it reminds me so much of the joy of having a child and how simple things can mean the most to people.


Now enough of me, have you thought about making personalised Christmas cards?  This seems to be something that is becoming a bit of a trend now, we would have loved to have done some this year but needed all members of the family to be about to do it otherwise it would have looked a little odd so it is definitely something we will plan next year.

Snapfish have come up with a handy guide on how to shoot the perfect or maybe not so perfect personalised Christmas card.


8 Creative Tips to Shoot the Perfect Christmas Family Photo

1) Get an extra pair of hands. Rounding up the troops for a family shoot is tricky enough without the added stress of positioning the camera, setting the timer and then sprinting back into position. Grab a friend or neighbour to play director, you can always return the favour to spread some Christmas cheer!

2) Lighting, crucial to any photoshoot, it’s the trickiest of elements to get right. Natural light is your best friend, so if you’re indoor, set up near a window to take full advantage of the winter sunshine.

3) Look the part! Matching accessories will add a touch of festive fun and help take your shots to the next level; think Santa hats, woolly reindeer jumpers, or even matching Christmas mugs!

captureProduct: Colourful Mugs, only £8.99, Snapfish.co.uk

4) Prop it up. Christmas is all about fun, so why not jazz things up with a few Christmassy props? Your family photoshoot doesn’t need to rely on the house being transformed into Santa’s Grotto or a Winter Wonderland – a few tinsel touches or the odd sprig of mistletoe will do the trick.

5) Pets complete your family! So whilst your puppy may be hell bent on getting his teeth around the fairy lights, including them in will be well worth the hassle when you see the finished result. (See Tip 6 for how to do this!)

6) Rewards (also known as bribery!) are the easiest way to keep pets and children interested! Guarantee their full attention throughout the photo shoot by keeping a suitable stash of treats to hand. (But keep them in separate bags… Health and Safety!)


Product: Photo Cushions, from £19.99, Snapfish.co.uk

7) Tell a Story. Snapping people when they least expect it often results in the best photographs. So tell a funny joke or encourage them to, and be ready to capture candid, relaxed moments instead of saying ‘cheese’ and hoping for a few stiff grins.

8) Keep it fun! Your family shoot doesn’t have to be a solemn occasion. Get everyone involved in the planning process and encourage them to contribute their ideas to make for a happy, relaxed atmosphere and a truly memorable shot.


Product: Photo Placemats, from £8.99, Snapfish.co.uk

So give it a go check out the http://www.snapfish.co.uk  and create something beautiful and memorable this year, let your creative juices run wild!  Even better post some pictures on my blog of the wonderful creations you have made I would be very interested to see. 🙂
Disclaimer – I was given some Snapfish product to review but all opinions are my own








Funky Cushion Giveaway

cushion-3Ok so my followers are in for a treat again courtesy of Funky Cushion.  You will know from previous blog reviews that Funky Cushion have an absolutely gorgeous collection of cushion covers available on their website.

There is such a huge selection of some wonderful designs there really is something for everybody.


Funky Cushion allow you to completely change the theme of a room with affordable designs or allow you to buy one off cushion covers that are perfect as a gift for someone special or just for yourself!


I have found that replacing cushions themselves becomes quite an expensive exercise but by simply changing the covers you can save yourself quite a fair bit of money and also have something that little bit different.

cushion-5Now once again the wonderful team at Funky Cushion have agreed to run a giveaway on my blog for a cushion cover of your choice, this competition will end in time for you to have your delivery before Christmas, simply enter the Rafflecopter competition below and good luck everybody.


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Corbico Jewellery – Silver Rhodium Plated Drop Design Jewellery set giveaway

Ok so it is getting around to that time of year where there are lots of parties happening and you are on the lookout for that extra special something to jazz things up.  Well I have spoken to you on a number of blog posts about the wonderful Corbico Jewellery and the gorgeous pieces that they have available on their website.

Well once again the lovely team at Corbico Jewellery have offered to giveaway an absolute stunning Silver Rhodium Plated Drop Design Jewellery Set just in time for those Christmas Parties!


This is a beautiful elegant set and is one of the many offers that you will find on the Corbico Jewellery website.

It is really worth the time to take a look at all the wonderful pieces that are available, there is something for everybody.

capture-6capture-3capture-1capture-5I have listed just a few pieces above that are on offer and you can see that the selection and choice/design is very wide.

So if you want the chance to win the lovely Silver Rhodium Plated Drop Design Jewellery Set please enter the Rafflecopter competition below.

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Corbico Jewellery – The Audrey Crystel Charm Review and Giveaway

CaptureYou will all know by now that Corbico Jewellery is one of my favourite go to places for some stunning jewellery pieces, well once again in collaboration with Corbico Jewellery I am more than happy to bring you this great review and giveaway.

Corbico Jewellery offer some lovely pieces that you simply cannot find on the high street, it really is worth checking for the new pieces that are introduced regularly as they are simply perfect as a gift for somebody or even to treat yourself.

I have been very lucky to receive these gorgeous Silver Rhodium plated double hoop earrings to review.


They are perfect to wear as they are just the right size (I find with big hoops sometimes it is tricky to turn your head!!)  The hoop collection of earrings is new to the site and you can also get these double hoop earrings in Rose Gold as well, for £7.99 they really are well priced.

Now look at these stunning bracelets that are new to the site too.


The Bette Coin Bracelet is really sparkly and so different along with the Audrey Crystal Charm Bracelet below.


They are a very stylish set of three bangle bracelets in three different colours: yellow gold, rose gold and rhodium. The bracelets are slightly elasticated and will fit small to medium wrist sizes. All bracelets have a matching crystal studded bead charm for extra sparkle. However I will say that I have very large hands (can stretch over an octave on a piano don’t you know!!) and I have no problem with the fitting of the Audrey Crystal Charm Bracelet 🙂

So once again I do recommend that you take a look at the Corbico Jewellery website to find that something a little bit special and different and thanks to Corbico Jewellery one of my very lucky followers can win their very own Audrey Crystal Charm bracelet by entering the Rafflecopter giveaway below.

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Disclaimer – I received some pieces to review but all opinions are my own