Pregnancy – Geriatric mothers….

So I fell pregnant with H at 39, he was due 3 months after I turned 40, the first meeting I had with my consultant I was called a geriatric mother, this term stayed with me through every consultation and discussion, it was written on my paperwork, every scan, every appointment I was known as the geriatric mother.  We had a terrible time throughout pregnancy, I was measuring full term at 33 weeks, everybody joked I was having twins or triplets, we had test after test to find out why our boy was big (we didn’t know he was a boy at the time) all the way through we were made to feel like it was our fault as I was a geriatric mother!  One week we had 3 scans in a week to find out “what syndrome our child had” their words exactly.  Imagine the feeling of waking up on the day of your scan thinking that was the day you were going to find out if your unborn baby had a disability of some sort?  Every time I was referred to as a geriatric mother and my age was against me.  It was such a horrific experience we would not go through it again. On the day of a planned C-section we were told as I was lying waiting to be cut open that our baby was disabled so we would see him only briefly then he would be gone, he was gone for 1 minute and given back to us, perfectly healthy and a solid 10lbs 7oz. So what did I do wrong?  Waited until I met the man I was going to be with forever before I made a baby?  If I was a geriatric mother 3 years ago I wonder what term they would use for me now!!




Separation Anxiety – a parents view

So H goes to nursery 3 mornings a week, thanks to my wonderful mum she has him for the remainder of the week as I sadly work full time (breaks my heart but needs must!)  For the last few weeks his daddy has had to do the nursery drop offs as I am suffering from Separation Anxiety!!!  This term is always associated with how the child is feeling but I must say I do feel I also suffer from this problem.  It all stems from when H returned to nursery after a week off having chicken pox, the vision of him screaming ” I want my mummy” and putting out his arms to try and climb back into mine will stay with me forever.  He had been so good with drop offs that I had been doing them all, my hours have changed and I don’t start until 9am so it makes sense for me to drop him off, he had been strolling in without a backward glance quite happy.  I KNOW he is content at nursery he comes back full of stories and his book has very happy photos in showing what he is up too, he comes out very smiley when he is collected by my mum so I do know he is thriving and learning so much there!!  So why do I have this stomach churning, headache inducing feeling when I drop him off?  He starts to use a special noise and even starts to say “I want my mummy” as we drive up the lane. (He doesn’t do this for his dad!) the whole delaying tactic of “I need a kiss, I want to hold your hand, I need my back rubbing” all takes place. (the vision of his little face crying tears on that awful day are never far from my mind) I know he is very clever and he is trying to get a reaction from me as he just strolls in for daddy but with me I just want to run in after him scoop him up and take him home forever!  How do I work through this problem in my mind?  People tell me to toughen up, well I can’t!  Any suggestions to overcome this?  Does it get better or will I still suffer from separation anxiety when he goes to school??




Money saving challenge – Branded products versus non branded products

So I have decided in February I am setting myself a challenge, can I save £200 in total on my weekly shop for the month, giving a £200 bonus to the joint account for the month?  It is a tall order but I am willing to give it a go.  Having taken a 50% pay cut to take a job that actually gave me a life rather working a 14 hour day I am becoming very conscious of what my money gets spent on.  I seem to be addicted to finding vouchers and offers online, does anybody else do that too?  Are branded products really that much better than the non branded stuff?? I am going to give it a go and trial some, I have found the best shower cleaner for 69p from Aldi and yes it really does work, no more scrubbing of the shower each weekend just use it daily, great saving and more time with the family.


So my pledge to you is when I find these great products at great prices, I will let you know, I will shout from the rooftops so you too can give them a go and enjoy the savings too. 🙂

Feel free to share your great finds too.


Soft Play hell!


So yesterday we decided to go to the ‘Play Barn’, horrible weather yet again so instead of us all going stir crazy we thought the ‘Play Barn’ was a good option, why do they have to name these places as somewhere exciting or interesting?  For me it is a place where literally you want to pull all your teeth out with a pair of pliers so the pain in your head takes over from the pain in your ears!  I am sure that the people that design these places ensure that the acoustics are such that the noise of screaming children just go around and around and never escape!  Here are my observations of the Play Barn, soft play area…..

  • Why do the adult men seem to be having more fun than the children?
  • Why are there always children who think it is clever to walk up the slides to ensure maximum impact for a child who is sliding down the slide?
  • Why are the up slider walker children parents always reading a paper, or playing with their phone and never actually watching the death defying stunts their children are doing?
  • Why are the stains on the soft play cushions dodgy?
  • WHY OH WHY do the parents who have children who are coughing like a seal bring those children to the ‘Play Barn’
  • You can guarantee that children over the age of 5, will be playing in the under 5’s only area
  • Balls from the ball pool will always be thrown out by boys
  • Part of soft play is for larger children to knock over smaller children
  • Food WILL be taken into the soft play area despite signs asking for it not to be.
  • There will never be a soft play session without tears from somebody
  • If you think you can fit through a gap or one of those roller things you can’t only a small petite adult can and a child, your boobs will end up getting stuck
  • Never wear low slung jeans if you are preparing to do some crawling around the soft play

Supermarket shopping – the Aldi factor……

So I have been trying to find ways to save money on our weekly shop, we normally get our shopping from Sainsburys either home delivery (if I can be organised) or a scoot round the shop on a Saturday morning (simply awful experience).  As most mothers know trying to shop with a toddler is difficult at best, hair pulling out at worst, H likes to help which means dragging everything off the shelf which can be reached regardless of what that is, eating his way though anything he can find around the entire shop, or meltdown because the expensive Creuset casserole dish he was attempting to secrete in the trolley was too heavy for him to lift!!  We were spending around £120 on average a week (cannot actually tell you what that bought us!)  A chance conversation with my mum regarding fruit of all things gave me the push to venture into a brand spanking new Aldi store!!

What a revelation, I never thought we would go into an Aldi store but the savings are amazing, this week we had a swede for 49p would normally be over £1 at other stores, 4 Granny Smiths for 99p normally over £2 at other stores, a large bag of carrots for 49p – 99p at other stores and the list goes on, 4 pints of milk for £1, look a likey Club biscuits 89p etc etc etc, on average we are saving £40 a week as we buy essentials from Aldi and meat/baby product from Tesco or Sainsburys although we are now trialling Aldi baby wipes – 79p and looks like Pampers 🙂  If you are looking for ways to trim your weekly food shop down I would highly recommend Aldi.


Also do a great job in ski hats, no H isn’t going to do a bank job 🙂


Child Free Shopping

So today I have had a free morning pass to go shopping with my friend, these are few and far between in fact first one for about 18 months!!  So why is it I still automatically walk to the lifts in shops? Don’t need to go there I am buggy free!!  Even in the coffee shop I’m looking for a table with plenty of room.  Purchases well as usual mainly stuff for H a Salt Rock fleece, so sweet and some lacing cards from ELC, ok I also had a new handbag some

shoes and a couple of tops but the point is even when I am away from him I’m thinking of him and spending money on him! Now I am sat at home waiting for him to come back.  anyway here are some pics of the scrumptious Salt Rock fleece I have bought him. The fleece is really soft, and I love the label the world is my playground how true!! Will report back my findings on the fleece and the fit, hoping it doesn’t bobble and wears well.  Until next time……Image