Child Free Shopping

So today I have had a free morning pass to go shopping with my friend, these are few and far between in fact first one for about 18 months!!  So why is it I still automatically walk to the lifts in shops? Don’t need to go there I am buggy free!!  Even in the coffee shop I’m looking for a table with plenty of room.  Purchases well as usual mainly stuff for H a Salt Rock fleece, so sweet and some lacing cards from ELC, ok I also had a new handbag some

shoes and a couple of tops but the point is even when I am away from him I’m thinking of him and spending money on him! Now I am sat at home waiting for him to come back.  anyway here are some pics of the scrumptious Salt Rock fleece I have bought him. The fleece is really soft, and I love the label the world is my playground how true!! Will report back my findings on the fleece and the fit, hoping it doesn’t bobble and wears well.  Until next time……Image






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