Supermarket shopping – the Aldi factor……

So I have been trying to find ways to save money on our weekly shop, we normally get our shopping from Sainsburys either home delivery (if I can be organised) or a scoot round the shop on a Saturday morning (simply awful experience).  As most mothers know trying to shop with a toddler is difficult at best, hair pulling out at worst, H likes to help which means dragging everything off the shelf which can be reached regardless of what that is, eating his way though anything he can find around the entire shop, or meltdown because the expensive Creuset casserole dish he was attempting to secrete in the trolley was too heavy for him to lift!!  We were spending around £120 on average a week (cannot actually tell you what that bought us!)  A chance conversation with my mum regarding fruit of all things gave me the push to venture into a brand spanking new Aldi store!!

What a revelation, I never thought we would go into an Aldi store but the savings are amazing, this week we had a swede for 49p would normally be over £1 at other stores, 4 Granny Smiths for 99p normally over £2 at other stores, a large bag of carrots for 49p – 99p at other stores and the list goes on, 4 pints of milk for £1, look a likey Club biscuits 89p etc etc etc, on average we are saving £40 a week as we buy essentials from Aldi and meat/baby product from Tesco or Sainsburys although we are now trialling Aldi baby wipes – 79p and looks like Pampers 🙂  If you are looking for ways to trim your weekly food shop down I would highly recommend Aldi.


Also do a great job in ski hats, no H isn’t going to do a bank job 🙂


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