Pregnancy – Geriatric mothers….

So I fell pregnant with H at 39, he was due 3 months after I turned 40, the first meeting I had with my consultant I was called a geriatric mother, this term stayed with me through every consultation and discussion, it was written on my paperwork, every scan, every appointment I was known as the geriatric mother.  We had a terrible time throughout pregnancy, I was measuring full term at 33 weeks, everybody joked I was having twins or triplets, we had test after test to find out why our boy was big (we didn’t know he was a boy at the time) all the way through we were made to feel like it was our fault as I was a geriatric mother!  One week we had 3 scans in a week to find out “what syndrome our child had” their words exactly.  Imagine the feeling of waking up on the day of your scan thinking that was the day you were going to find out if your unborn baby had a disability of some sort?  Every time I was referred to as a geriatric mother and my age was against me.  It was such a horrific experience we would not go through it again. On the day of a planned C-section we were told as I was lying waiting to be cut open that our baby was disabled so we would see him only briefly then he would be gone, he was gone for 1 minute and given back to us, perfectly healthy and a solid 10lbs 7oz. So what did I do wrong?  Waited until I met the man I was going to be with forever before I made a baby?  If I was a geriatric mother 3 years ago I wonder what term they would use for me now!!




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