Katie Hopkins – a response from a mere mortal in your eyes

Yesterday I had the misfortune to stumble across a blog written by Katie Hopkins, this blog left me speechless and desperate to blog but the new calm me said wait 24 hours and see how you feel then.  The 24 hours are up and here I am!  I have no doubt my response will not be read by KH herself, in fact probably nobody will read it, but boy does it feel good to put it down in black and white.

I am somewhat bemused by KH, remembering her in The Apprentice to what she has moulded herself into today appears to be watching two entirely different people, clearly the draw of writing and saying such tripe must be the pay cheque.

The blog I sadly read was called “Katie Hopkins: We all know them but I can’t stand ’em – the five types of mum I hate”

I will just mention a couple of them for fear of harping on too much:

1. She dislikes the so called PTA mum, according to KH they should be avoided at all costs, apparently smug and raising pitiful sums of money through fundraising – most schools have some sort of fundraising campaign throughout the year, mostly being social events which are important for our children to be involved in, I want my son to learn that you have to work and save to get something and this takes place in a school environment too, how would these fundraising events take place if there wasn’t a PTA or volunteers willing to give up their time?


2. Dad Mum –  apparently invariably short and beardy, works in a supremely dull public sector job in a transport division, apparently needs to grow a pair and man up – this I think was the comment which annoyed me the most, what about the dad whose partner has tragically died, the single father (as there are some out there!) just doing what any parent would do, the dad who has lost his job and is trying to make his life better, the dad who actually wants to be involved in his child’s life, the dad who isn’t the breadwinner and is a stay at home dad?  For her to stereotype the Dad Mum in this manner is beyond forgiving, I would like to see her say this to the man who is bringing up his children alone.


The other 3 categories were Eco Mum, Home School Mum and Fat Mum, I will leave you to your own ideas as to how her comments regarding those subjects went!

So my question is Katie, who made you the oracle on all subjects? How do you think your children will feel when their best friend has a Dad Mum, PTA Mum or god forbid Fat Mum? Why do you feel (with the exception of the obvious pay cheque) the need to be so vitriolic towards different classes of society which you perceive to be lower down the food chain than you? Will you reply this blog or am I not famous enough?Image





2 thoughts on “Katie Hopkins – a response from a mere mortal in your eyes

  1. Here here! *claps and cheers* – well said!

    Our little family would be her worst nightmare then! We have a stay at home dad, I’m a long way from being called Twiggy and we always go to fund raisers.

    We have some vary sad people in this world!

    By the way, really enjoying your blog 😀


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