Toddler & Work – Getting to work on time….

Sometimes I truly feel I am going mad, sometimes I truly feel I actually haven’t stopped all day until I fall into a heap of exhaustion on the sofa at the end of the day.  Sometimes I sit at work and can’t compute the information that is given to me I am just that tired!  How do you balance toddler and full time work?  You can be as planned as you like and as organised as you like but if your toddler kicks off about the colour of the socks you want him to wear that day another 10 minutes can pass in the blink of an eye and your time schedule goes out the window. I constantly feel I am chasing my tail and chasing not only my toddler but my other half to get out the door to work/nursery/nanny’s house every morning.  It seems like men work in a completely different time zone to women, if my other half was going to golf he would be out the door like a shot, but other mornings it is like pulling teeth getting him to get a move on!

So here are my Top 10 tips for getting to work on time:

  1. If you are having to factor in the involvement of any man always allow an additional half an hour to the proceedings
  2. Toddlers are strange creatures and can smell time and time schedules, always allow an additional half an hour to the proceedings
  3. Postman Pat is a limited distraction tool, be prepared to allow an additional half an hour to the proceedings to take into account any potential meltdown as an episode that has been watched 7800802 times before is essential pre-leaving the house viewing.
  4. Eating breakfast in a timely fashion is at the complete discretion of said toddler – add an additional half an hour to the proceedings
  5. Going upstairs to get dressed is akin to climbing Mount Everest for said toddler  – add an additional half an hour to the proceedings
  6. Cleaning teeth becomes a lesson in how to waste as much water as possible, it is amazing the strength of said toddler when an argument occurs on switching the tap off to save wasting water – add an additional half an hour to the proceedings
  7. Getting said toddler dressed involves high level negotiation skills akin to trained negotiation professionals, the jumper that has been favourite for the last 4 days is no longer wanted and if you have a toddler who can take his nappy off as quickly as you put it on I suggest adding at least 45 minutes extra to the proceedings
  8. Do allow an additional half a hour to the proceedings to locate the missing teddy that said toddler can absolutely not leave the house with.  Find said teddy after looking for half an hour by the front door waiting to go having been placed there by said toddlers father without telling you
  9. Allow yourself precisely 4 minutes to get ready for work
  10. Ensure you have sufficient energy to carry said toddlers toy bags, clothes bags, lunch bags and other random items they cannot live without, load into car and leave – allow half an hour extra for this process.

As you can see by the above, if you factor in making dinner, cleaning the house, laundry, play time etc etc, I think this system will allow you approx. 7.4 minutes for sleep…. enjoy 🙂






2 thoughts on “Toddler & Work – Getting to work on time….

  1. Hahahaha I know this feeling well – particularly the teeth brushing and the volume of water. What is it with toddlers and their seemingly endless obsession with water. Drives me crazy!


  2. OMG very true….. Ok so on a working day I can get Myself and Grace ready in 1/2 hour leaving time for Postman Pat and milk whilst I get all her stuff and my stuff ready, bundle her out the door and off to nursery/work (no idea how I manage this by the way). During this time my husband is still shaving, his life seems to go in slow motion whilst I am buzzing around him.

    On a day when all 3 of us are going out, Grace and I will be ready waiting siting there with coats and shoes on whilst husband is still in lougeware watching any kind of Sport. I know it’s his weekend and he wants to relax but COME ON we want to go out!!!!!!


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