First time staying away from toddler- how do you cope?

So I have to go away to Zurich next week on a business trip, this will be the first time I have left H overnight, even though his dad will be home looking after him and also nanny I feel sick to the pit of my stomach thinking about it!  I have 2 nights away, one will be after H has gone to sleep (I am driving through the night to Heathrow) and the second night will be in Zurich.  The thought of not being with him does not fill me with joy.  I expect or maybe hope that once I have got this out of the way that maybe it becomes easier?  What are your thoughts?  Any tips to make things feel slightly better?

Maybe I should have left him sooner (he is 26 months after all) but as I said before in an earlier post, separation anxiety is a BIG issue for me not him!  Any tips would be greatly appreciated…..


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