Silent Sunday



Toddler bedtime delaying tactics

So I have been quite quiet on here recently, I have been suffering with another chest infection and tonsillitis, it seems I cannot seem to shake them at the moment, it is very draining when you have a toddler and you feel poorly as they don’t understand you just wish to die on the sofa whilst watching trash TV and eating chocolate. So apologies for no updates recently, I am starting to feel better slowly.

So the purpose of the post is to discuss some bedtime trauma we are currently going through, H has always been very very good to settle, bathtime, bedtime, story, nursery rhyme and sleep, the whole process taking between 45mins – 1 hour. So I do feel that somewhere along the line, my toddler has been swapped for another one somewhere, the last few days have not been good for us, listed below are the delaying tactics we are currently experiencing, please feel free to share your toddler delay tactics too so I can be armed and ready:

I need a wee wee on potty
I need a potty sticker
I need another wee wee on potty
I need another potty sticker
I need a wee wee on toilet
I need a wee wee sticker
I need a teddy
I need a bedtime nappy
I need a different bedtime nappy
I want my bottle
I don’t want my bottle
I don’t want those PJ’s
I want diffent PJ trousers
I want to wear socks
I don’t want socks
I want that sleeping bag
I want a wee wee on potty
I want a potty sticker
I want a story
I don’t want that story
I want the light on
I want the light off
I want Twinkle Twinkle little Star
I don’t want Twinkle Twinkle I want Daisy Daisy

And so it continues……

Once I have left the room I then hear the following through the monitor:

Daisy Daisy sang at concert level
The words “please help me”
Followed by “please look after me”
Then “please come and lie in my cot I have made a space for you”!

Still love him to pieces though…….