Blogging world hierarchy

So I entered the blogging world, knowing nothing, clueless (still am a bit) but wanting to publish my ramblings onto the world wide web. I thought it would be a friendly club and to a certain extent it is, but I have noticed that there is a definite blogging world hierarchy. It does very much seem if your face doesn’t fit the inner circle then you won’t be allowed in the inner circle, there are select few in my genre of blog that are the inner circle and hell freezes over if anybody new should attempt to bring something else to the table, I sometimes wonder what benefit there is to posting 6 different blog post from one blog a day, is it a case of keeping the ranking up, is there actually anything informative in those 6 blog posts or is it a ticking the box exercise?

There is absolutely great value to some blogs, be them help in certain areas of life, advice, light hearted relief, product reviews and promotions some people have it bang on. I do not profess to even get anywhere close with my meagre offerings, what I do try and do is have a judged honest approach and not churn out the blog posts just to look good. I have recently unfollowed a whole host of blogs because I couldn’t see the point of what they were offering, it seemed very run of the mill follow the pack type words, in fact some product reviews and giveaways could genuinely have been cut and pasted from the vast number of looky likey blog posts.

Where is the initiative, where is the I am running this blog to have a message or just to share not I am writing this blog just to be a blogger. Shall I mention all my preferred brands in my blog to see if I can get freebies, here goes then, Range Rover, Gucci (fab for sunglasses) Chanel (fab for jewellery) I need a new estate car (any vehicle marque estate like then fab) any childrens stuff full stop….. shall I go on? I have absolutely no doubt that my subtle name dropping will get me nowhere but it wasn’t meant to, it was to prove a point.  Some blogs have gone a tad crazy.

So what do you think makes a good blog?  What do you want to see?  How many posts are too many? What makes a blog stand out to you and makes you want to actually read it?



Case Happy Ipad case review

The timing couldn’t have been more perfect when I was asked to review a case from Case Happy.  H has really got into playing games on my iPad, this makes me feel a little uncomfortable as I was a little worried that if it all went wrong for him then the iPad would take a journey through the air through rage, now I am sure like me once you have a child all the nice things you owned previous to their arrival, slowly get destroyed or wrecked.  My iPad was the only nice thing I had left and I was seriously considering getting a childproof case when the opportunity came along from the lovely guys at casehappy.

It was with much excitement that I opened the parcel to reveal the case which would hopefully be the saviour to removing my worries every time H wanted to play Swashbuckle with my very expensive iPad.  I had chosen a lovely blue colour but  if you go onto their website there is a myriad of choices for everything!


The case is very easy to fit and I love the feature of the chunky handle (as does H), you can see that the handle can be folded to make a stand for the iPad.


The case also includes a little cover for the charging point of the iPad which flips open, along with spaces for the volume buttons this really is a super little case.


I am truly impressed by the sturdiness and versatility of the case from casehappy, I feel confident that should there be a little ‘incident’ with my iPad or it gets accidentally dropped then the case will ensure that very minimal damage occurs, I would highly recommend this product.

Please do pop over to www.casehappy.co.uk and take a look at the massive range of products that they have to offer, they have something for everybody, from phone cases to laptop cases through to Kindle covers.

Disclaimer – I received the iPad case free of charge but all comments and thoughts are my own


Work and babies, can they mix?

So hello, it has been an extremely long time since I was here last.  I have been struggling significantly with balancing work and H, I have found myself torn right down the middle.  I need to work to provide for the family, but I need to spend the time and watch H grow, every day he changes and I notice his attitude changes if I am not spending time with him.

But New Year etc etc, I am focusing on making my inane ramblings official on here again, I have been doing some review work on another blog which I will show on here, some great products and hopefully some more products to talk about in the future.

So what is new in my life, major milestones achieved with H, potty training done (hooray) it was ok although my life did seem to become possessed by wee and poo! Daytime nap (gone), I miss those moments of peace with my little man but it does make the day flow better not having to plan a nap into the equation.  H is now sleeping with a duvet instead of a sleeping bag, that was novel for the first few nights but he seems to have got the hang of it now without freezing to death overnight.  Next big step will be sides down off the cot and into a bed, I sometimes feel we are delayed in doing this but he sleeps so well it seems such a shame to change it, he doesn’t try and climb out so I will play it by ear to see when to make that leap (cue taps being put on in the bath and random things inserted up my nose as he will be free!!)

For me I have started a Pilates class, really enjoying it (never knew you could put a Swiss ball into such awkward places!), I am trying this year to spend time with friends and start looking after me a bit. It was a tough 2014 from a personal work related point of view but onwards and upwards.

So welcome back to my blog, I hope to keep you updated with good information, good reviews and good old gossip.  Feel free to say hello…..it’s good to talk. 🙂