The missing yellow Lego man……

Do you sometimes feel with your toddler you can’t do right for doing wrong???  Welcome to my world.

As you know I work full time but I have the luxury (according to my other half) of working from home in the afternoons with H, I use the word ‘working’ extraordinarily loosely because as any mum will know looking after a 3 year old whilst trying to have a single thought in your head that may not be about them is nigh on impossible.

Friday mornings my son spends the morning at nanny’s house.  This is a major feat in itself now, as H has got older he has a specific list of things that need to be packed and how they need to be packed to be taken to nanny’s house.  Now nanny has H for exactly 5 hours but you would think looking at the packing required that he is there until he is 18.  There is so much stuff that gets packed I start packing the car the night before.


There is something extremely dictatorial about a toddler’s attitudes and demands when it comes to packing up toys, everything needs to be in a certain way and laid out the way they want (not the way that is practical and ensures that it actually fits!)

I believed that I had succeeded this morning, I had packed the following items:

  • Garage
  • Basket of cars
  • Octonauts Book
  • Peppa Pig Game
  • Spotty Dog Game
  • Gone Fishing Game
  • Peppa Pig Book
  • Octonauts back pack including 2 dinosaur eggs with surprise toys inside
  • Box of Lego
  • Octonauts Lunch Box including various snacks
  • Scooby Doo soft toy
  • Sticker book of racing cars

Obviously include a bag of additional clothes, coat and potty and you have some idea of how many things I had packed.

So unfortunately last Friday I need to present myself to you as a failure, as a mummy who has let down her child, as a mummy who is a silly billy and almost bought on the onslaught of tears, a mummy who remained all morning at work sad and downtrodden, as a mummy who caused pain and misery to my son……..


Somebody, somewhere please forgive me…..



Toddler mealtime nightmares

Ok so when H was a milk drinking baby I had great ideas and expectations of how I would as an earth mother feed him when it was time for weaning. No preservatives, no ready meals, fruit and vegetables all the way, I would slave over a hot stove lovingly preparing home made nutritious meals.  Fast forward two years and my dreams are shattered, mushed into the floor along with anything that could resemble a fruit or vegetable.


Despite offering every single fruit and vegetable known to exist on planet earth, discussing the virtues of alien superpowers that can be obtained by eating said fruit and vegetables, the doorway to the tummy (ie large mouth) remains firmly shut.  We have progressed and believe me this is progression to eating a banana and one piece of sweetcorn, this however is normally accompanied by gagging sounds and a look of horror.

What went wrong?  Why does H not like peas, not like broccoli, not like apples, not like oranges?  Funny how he can have a smoothie with every fruit whizzed up in it with no problem at all but can’t eat them in their raw state.  I have taken to blitzing up veg and hiding them stealth like in his favourite food, yesterday unknown to him he ate 2 mushrooms mixed up in his bolognaise, when he eats his favourite cottage pie he is also eating carrot, parsnip, onion and peas, however if I was to offer these on a plate in full view he would be full up, but not too full up for pudding naturally……

So come on everybody out there is the big world wide web, what are your hints and suggestions for turning my child into the perfect healthy eater I dreamed he would be…..somebody……anybody……please help!!!!



Mr Nutcase – Personalised Phone Cases review

The wonderful people at Mr Nutcase got in touch recently for me to have the opportunity to review one of their phone cases. The process is beyond simple, you choose what case you would like to review – this can be any number of cases including MacBook cases, through to iPad cases and a number of different phones.  I chose my Samsung Galazy S5, once you have picked your device you can then decide which case you would like, this can be an executive flip leather style case, ultra lightweight cases, I decided on the full wrap round premium edition, I liked the sound of it being made from toughened plastic as I am always dropping my phone, it is also hardwearing and scratch resistant and more importantly you don’t need a degree to fit it or special tools it just snaps straight on. You can then choose one of the funky designs from their collection, these range from football clubs through to floral and seasonal designs, there really is something for everyone. I chose to custom my case by uploading a photograph, this again was very simple as I connected via Facebook and chose one of my favourite pictures of H at the beach, you upload the picture, it shows where it is positioned on the actual case and off you go, literally a few simple clicks. It was with much excitement when I received the parcel from Mr Nutcase, the case comes packed in a protective wrapping.


The quality of the picture was fantastic, I am really pleased with how clear it is, and I have had many lovely comments already from people admiring the case and where I got if from.  As it is so personal to me it makes it feel more unique and special.  On the actual working side of things the case is compact and slim, not making the phone too chunky to put in my pocket and has all the necessary gaps for locking the phone, volume etc.  I would highly recommend both this case and Mr Nutcase if you are looking for something stylish and also a break from the norm and more personal.

As a very special offer to my readers Mr Nutcase has very kindly offered a 10% discount on any case purchased from Mr Nutcase, simply visit www.mrnutcase.com and enter the code Thanku10 at checkout 🙂

Disclaimer: I received my Mr Nutcase phone case free of charge but all opinions and words are my own.


You know you are a toddlers parent…..

The toddler stage of childhood is a marvel to watch, that’s when you aren’t surgically removing lego from your foot, our little cherubic babies have turned into hormonal dictators requiring skills that far outweigh any trained hostage negotiator. You know you are a toddler parent if the following things happen to you:

  • Mealtimes are a specific balancing act of negotiation, bribery, white lies and defeat
  • You didn’t realise a root vegetable could be blended within an inch of it’s life to never look like it originally looked
  • All vegetables and fruit are ranked on their alien powers and their strength to defend the nation
  • Did you not know that food could be smooshed into even the smallest of crevices never to be found again
  • Your chocolate is no longer ever going to be yours and yours alone
  • There will never be a secret stash place for goodies you don’t want to share
  • Sharing is caring when it is something you are eating and a toddler wants, sharing is no when it is the other way round
  • Your child may briefly share a piece of chocolate with you, rest assured it will have either been in their mouth already and rejected, be covered in snot or have been on the floor
  • You WILL spend ages lovingly preparing a healthy meal for your toddler, this will be rejected on a regular basis with the words I’m not hungry but I have room for pudding.
  • If you are the mother to the male variety of toddler then every surface off the ground automatically becomes a launch pad
  • Inappropriate naming of Octonauts characters are met with disdain, tutting and disbelieve
  • You will find toy cars in many orifices you did not know existed
  • You can guarantee the crucial double ended piece of wooden train track that is required to complete your 6798083 piece of track is missing, this is found out at the end of construction
  • The words for Shark in the Park become ingrained in your brain so whilst you are trying to get to sleep all that is going round in your head is Timothy Pope, Timothy Pope
  • The words, willy, bum, poo and fart are regularly used in different guises to describe your face
  • You will be often requested to admire a poo that your toddler has done and to pass comment
  • The whole restaurant will be told in a loud voice that you did a wee and farted when you took your toddler to the toilet
  • Potty Training is a war of the fittest and who breaks first
  • You will regularly find yourself pulling over in the car at breakneck speed as your toddler has announced that they need a wee and to be quick as it is coming only to find that they barely do a drop when you have ruined your shoes climbing up a grass verge to do a wilderness wee
  • You give up having a soak in the bath as you don’t have the hours needed to take all the bath toys out to be able to run the bath in the first place
  • You go to work with a Peppa Pig plaster stuck on your bum
  • You know this list could go on into infinity and beyond….

The very steep learning curve I have been on with my toddler has taught me a lot of things, there has been some major highs and some really big lows but the very best thing about being a toddlers mum for me though is when H says “I love you to the moon and back and back to the smelly dump”