Mr Nutcase – Personalised Phone Cases review

The wonderful people at Mr Nutcase got in touch recently for me to have the opportunity to review one of their phone cases. The process is beyond simple, you choose what case you would like to review – this can be any number of cases including MacBook cases, through to iPad cases and a number of different phones.  I chose my Samsung Galazy S5, once you have picked your device you can then decide which case you would like, this can be an executive flip leather style case, ultra lightweight cases, I decided on the full wrap round premium edition, I liked the sound of it being made from toughened plastic as I am always dropping my phone, it is also hardwearing and scratch resistant and more importantly you don’t need a degree to fit it or special tools it just snaps straight on. You can then choose one of the funky designs from their collection, these range from football clubs through to floral and seasonal designs, there really is something for everyone. I chose to custom my case by uploading a photograph, this again was very simple as I connected via Facebook and chose one of my favourite pictures of H at the beach, you upload the picture, it shows where it is positioned on the actual case and off you go, literally a few simple clicks. It was with much excitement when I received the parcel from Mr Nutcase, the case comes packed in a protective wrapping.


The quality of the picture was fantastic, I am really pleased with how clear it is, and I have had many lovely comments already from people admiring the case and where I got if from.  As it is so personal to me it makes it feel more unique and special.  On the actual working side of things the case is compact and slim, not making the phone too chunky to put in my pocket and has all the necessary gaps for locking the phone, volume etc.  I would highly recommend both this case and Mr Nutcase if you are looking for something stylish and also a break from the norm and more personal.

As a very special offer to my readers Mr Nutcase has very kindly offered a 10% discount on any case purchased from Mr Nutcase, simply visit and enter the code Thanku10 at checkout 🙂

Disclaimer: I received my Mr Nutcase phone case free of charge but all opinions and words are my own.


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