Toddler mealtime nightmares

Ok so when H was a milk drinking baby I had great ideas and expectations of how I would as an earth mother feed him when it was time for weaning. No preservatives, no ready meals, fruit and vegetables all the way, I would slave over a hot stove lovingly preparing home made nutritious meals.  Fast forward two years and my dreams are shattered, mushed into the floor along with anything that could resemble a fruit or vegetable.


Despite offering every single fruit and vegetable known to exist on planet earth, discussing the virtues of alien superpowers that can be obtained by eating said fruit and vegetables, the doorway to the tummy (ie large mouth) remains firmly shut.  We have progressed and believe me this is progression to eating a banana and one piece of sweetcorn, this however is normally accompanied by gagging sounds and a look of horror.

What went wrong?  Why does H not like peas, not like broccoli, not like apples, not like oranges?  Funny how he can have a smoothie with every fruit whizzed up in it with no problem at all but can’t eat them in their raw state.  I have taken to blitzing up veg and hiding them stealth like in his favourite food, yesterday unknown to him he ate 2 mushrooms mixed up in his bolognaise, when he eats his favourite cottage pie he is also eating carrot, parsnip, onion and peas, however if I was to offer these on a plate in full view he would be full up, but not too full up for pudding naturally……

So come on everybody out there is the big world wide web, what are your hints and suggestions for turning my child into the perfect healthy eater I dreamed he would be…..somebody……anybody……please help!!!!



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