The missing yellow Lego man……

Do you sometimes feel with your toddler you can’t do right for doing wrong???  Welcome to my world.

As you know I work full time but I have the luxury (according to my other half) of working from home in the afternoons with H, I use the word ‘working’ extraordinarily loosely because as any mum will know looking after a 3 year old whilst trying to have a single thought in your head that may not be about them is nigh on impossible.

Friday mornings my son spends the morning at nanny’s house.  This is a major feat in itself now, as H has got older he has a specific list of things that need to be packed and how they need to be packed to be taken to nanny’s house.  Now nanny has H for exactly 5 hours but you would think looking at the packing required that he is there until he is 18.  There is so much stuff that gets packed I start packing the car the night before.


There is something extremely dictatorial about a toddler’s attitudes and demands when it comes to packing up toys, everything needs to be in a certain way and laid out the way they want (not the way that is practical and ensures that it actually fits!)

I believed that I had succeeded this morning, I had packed the following items:

  • Garage
  • Basket of cars
  • Octonauts Book
  • Peppa Pig Game
  • Spotty Dog Game
  • Gone Fishing Game
  • Peppa Pig Book
  • Octonauts back pack including 2 dinosaur eggs with surprise toys inside
  • Box of Lego
  • Octonauts Lunch Box including various snacks
  • Scooby Doo soft toy
  • Sticker book of racing cars

Obviously include a bag of additional clothes, coat and potty and you have some idea of how many things I had packed.

So unfortunately last Friday I need to present myself to you as a failure, as a mummy who has let down her child, as a mummy who is a silly billy and almost bought on the onslaught of tears, a mummy who remained all morning at work sad and downtrodden, as a mummy who caused pain and misery to my son……..


Somebody, somewhere please forgive me…..



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