The dreaded chicken pox…..

Sorry for being so quiet. We have seemed to lunge from one illness to the next at the moment.  Unfortunately last week, H had the dreaded chicken pox.  Whilst I feel it is good that he has got it out of the way it has been a hard week.  Normally I am blessed with a child that sleeps through the night no problem, last week was pickled (get the tenuous link!) with 4.30am wake ups and frequent night visits.  I have been dead on my feet!!

Calamine lotion seemed to do the trick for H and we were lucky to only have about 50 spots, he was very good and didn’t scratch so we got off lightly and at least the pox box has been ticked!

I have some great reviews coming up because despite me being quiet it has still been work work work.

Anyone else out there got a little one suffering……..?



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