eFRAME – Customised frames review – great for framing your little ones art

When I was approached by eFRAME to review their offer I jumped at the chance.  I expect like me as a mum you are forever taking photos of your little one, in fact I have so many photos now I have had to get additional memory for my phone.  Do you wonder how to display these beautiful pictures?  Do you have a budding Picasso at home and feel guilty that all there artwork is shoved in a drawer and not on display?  Well eFRAME can help with that and many more of your framing requirements. I have always struggled to find a good picture framer, sometimes the frames on offer are not quite right for what I want them for, eFRAME resolves this problem. Pop along to http://www.eframe.co.uk and will see a whole myriad of choices from budget ranges through to very extravagant frames, coupled with the ability to customise the frame to be exactly what you want it to be, size wise and design wise, all at very competitive pricing. I chose a gorgeous frame for a photo we have of H and some clip frames to display H’s art.  The theory is we can change these regularly which he is very excited about!  The ordering process couldn’t be easier you can order by frame type or size and the system guides you all the way through the process. Delivery is quick and easy and the product comes very well packed.


Not only that but all items come with the correct fixings on them so no looking round for bits to be able to actually hang the picture!!


So here are the end results which I am very pleased with.


Fixings to hang this gorgeous picture


And finally Picasso himself is pleased with his artwork now being on display!


So I can thoroughly recommend eFRAME for all of your frame requirements, it has made me display pictures and paintings that would have otherwise stayed on a phone or in the drawer. The ordering process can not be any easier and the product is competitively priced and good quality.

Disclaimer:  I received the product from eFRAME free of charge but all words and opinions are my own.


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