Roll on summer…..

Have you ever got to that stage where you cannot face another toddler illness?  Well that is me right now!  We have had sore throats, bad colds, head lice, chicken pox and now H has another virus which has made the glands in his tummy swell up!  I feel so sorry for him, he is so terribly low.  I feel so sorry for myself, I need sleep!!  H is so good and still sleeps through even when he is poorly but I spend most of the night awake listening out for him to make sure he is ok. What do you do for your toddler when they are so low?  I feel so concerned that he is going to pick up every bug that is going, his little body looks so frail and weak sometimes.

So again I have been quiet and again I have been tied up slaying germs and bugs in the house.

Roll on summer is all I can say……



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