Twinkl Review – From a parents view…..


So I have often wondered if I can find things online for H to do in the afternoon when I am working from home, he is at that age where he loves to learn, loves to do craft things and sometimes colouring in and stickers just don’t cut it with him.

H has a sort of weird obsession with mazes and I have spent many a time looking for mazes for him to complete, which led me to  Now I don’t profess to be an early years professional by any stretch of the imagination and I often wonder how they plan things at Henry’s nursery for the children to do.  I also wonder as a parent what activities can I plan for him that are not only fun, but also give him the opportunity to learn and grow.  Apart from the professional aspect of the Twinkl website there is also a great section for Parents and this is what I was interested in.


As the website says, whether you are home schooling or simply supporting your children’s learning from home, you will find lots of resource available for parents, be it reading and writing activities, craft activities, and behaviour management resources there is something for everyone.


In the Parent section you can choose from Craft Ideas, Games and Activities, Pencil Worksheets, and you can browse by category so if you are looking for something relating to home routines and timetables, or numbers it is completely easy to find as the website is so user friendly.


We chose to do the cardboard rocket craft and the hand and foot print aliens and had great fun, everything comes with complete idiot proof instructions and is very easy to download. (No photos of H in action as unfortunately he was covered in chicken pox spots so didn’t think this was a good look!)

There is so much to choose from, our next activity will be the Parents Phonic Pack, I have no idea about Phonics we never did that when I was at school and I want to help H along the way and get it right, it will be like going back to school myself, however Twinkl have great information to enable you to download everything you need.


So a bit more detail for you, Twinkl Resources is your first choice for easy to use, trusted and high quality teaching materials for educators and parents worldwide – professionally crafted materials with a personal touch.  Twinkl has a fantastic online forum which is well worth having a look at for further information and ideas. They also have a new tool to create personalised resources called Twinkl create which is great for adding that individual touch!

There are three subscription levels to users, one is a free membership that allows access to the majority of resources; the second is the Gold membership which is the high quality, low cost option at £29.95 a year; and thirdly the Platinum membership which allows access to all resources and is priced at £44.95 per year.

So I can highly recommend Twinkl from a parents perspective, it comes up with so many ideas that I wouldn’t of thought of and can help educate your children at the same time.  Give the website a go and you won’t be disappointed.

Disclosure – I received the Twinkl Platinum membership free of charge, but all opinions and views are my own



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