Big Boy Bed…..the missing Octonaut duvet cover……

So finally we have progressed H onto having the side of his cot bed off.  I met this challenge with a great sense of trepidation as H sleeps so well and makes no attempt to get out of his cot so there seemed no reason to change this, however on Saturday I thought this is now time, we cannot end up having a 12 year old locked in a cot so we know where he is so the time came!


So Saturday night came and with much excitement H got into his bed unaided and snuggled up for book time, we had a long discussion about how he had to stay in bed until Mr Sunshine came on his clock and he wasn’t to get in and out of bed.


I spent quite a sleepless night worrying that H will get out of bed, turn on the bath taps flood the house, somehow climb over the banisters and fall killing himself on the stairs, manage to find the window lock key, unlock the windows after making a make shift ladder to climb up and falling out etc etc, you can see where my mind was going.

Nope not a single sound until indeed Mr Sunshine was here, and I can report the same has happened every single night since, in fact he even stays in bed and shouts that Mr Sunshine is here and won’t get out until I say. I praise the lord my son loves sleep so much.

Our next step is into the single bed we have lined up for him, there is however major trauma ahead for this as H has requested an Octonaut duvet cover, apparently this will be my biggest hurdle yet as there appears to be a complete lack of this product anywhere……is anybody out there who can help???



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