Heroes of the City – YouTube channel review and giveaway



We are a firm follower of Heroes of the City in our household so we were very excited to hear that we can now watch episodes on a special Heroes of the City YouTube channel.


Now H has become a bit of a whizz kid on the iPad and to know have the opportunity to watch one of his favourite programmes and some of his favourite characters easily on the iPad is a real bonus for us.

As I have mentioned on a previous post Heroes of the City is an animated TV-series directed mainly at pre-school children. The TV series teaches the importance of friendship and helping each other out and how everybody can be a hero, it gives you that warm fuzzy glow.

There are 6 hours of entertainment on the Heroes of the City YouTube channel (obviously I would not recommend this on one sitting, we tend to restrict any type of tablet/TV viewing for H to a maximum of 30 mins a day), the videos are of very high quality and are suitable for any child around the 2-6 years age range.  Also should you have a child who knows many languages then the channel is available in 18 different languages!

Another great part of the channel is the Calamity Crow Kids Crafting Show, Calamity Crow as the name leads you to believe is a bit of a unlucky crow always getting into scrapes but the character is very lovable. In the show you will get inspiration for all different types of kids crafts which can be made at home using everyday household items, this is really good fun and gives you some great ideas to make and create stuff together https://youtu.be/rqM17EF9XIY


Finally there is also Calamity Crow Sketch and Guess show, these episodes let your little ones guess what’s being drawn before the picture is completed, I have to say H seemed to get every single one right way before me!  This again is a good fun interactive game that you can play with your little ones whilst monitoring what they are doing online!   https://youtu.be/2BU8kRiiZIs


So I would highly recommend that you take the time to have a look at the Heroes of the City YouTube channel and all it has to offer, another great way of being able to catch up with this wonderful little series and get to see what the lovable characters are up to.

As a celebration of the series being available online now I have a bundle of Heroes of the City goodies to give away similar to below:


Simply enter my Rafflecopter giveaway.  All entrants must be in the UK, prizes will be sent out within 28 days.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


43 thoughts on “Heroes of the City – YouTube channel review and giveaway

  1. My mum is my hero – always there for her family, puts them first and although suffering from ill health she always the first to offer to help out.


  2. my late Mother-in-law and late Father-in-Law will always both be a hero to me, very special people.

    Anthony Harrington


  3. My Mum – she makes bad situations into opportunities and restores faith in everyone around her with patience and grace ❤ 🙂 x


  4. Gerald Durrell – he was one of the first people to publicise the decline in animal populations & realise the need for captive breeding.


  5. My husband – he’s built his company up from scratch, keeps my feet grounded and is a brilliant father 🙂


  6. My partner. He does loads for me and the kids and I don’t know how he manages to keep his sanity with being the only male in the house.


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