Teddy Bear Mood Night Lamp

I am not sure about how other parents work with  keeping your child’s room dark but H has black out blinds and black out curtains so it is pretty dark in his room.  We used to have a night light from his monitor but obviously no longer have that as a source of light so I was intrigued to try the Teddy Bear Mood Night Lamp from PKGreenshop.

The teddy bear is a very cute design, H decided to call him Bernard (don’t ask) you can set it to have a gradual colour changing LED sequence, H was very excited by this as it really does blend from one colour to another. I couldn’t really take good photos to show this as H was asleep at the time and I didn’t want the flash to wake him up!

20150721_080907 Capture

You can also set the LED to a steady white glow.


The teddy bear is powered by batteries which means you can place him wherever you need and don’t need to rely on being near a plug socket.  As the light is a heatless LED there is no heating up of the teddy bear which means it is ideal and safe for children.

Bernard really is a cute little night lamp and something a little bit different, with the knowledge that he is entirely safe and won’t overheat and burn your little ones hand – just as an aside he doesn’t need to be called Bernard and possibly he may be a she.  🙂

For more details on the Teddy Bear Mood Night Lamp take a look here Teddy Bear Mood Night Lamp

Disclaimer – I received Bernard free of charge – all opinions and words are my own.


5 thoughts on “Teddy Bear Mood Night Lamp

  1. we have something similar for H – ours is a bunny shaped one but very similar – can set it to a specific colour or it will run through the colours slowly and battery operated using those little ag13 disc batteries.


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