Findo’s Mousetrap book review and giveaway

If you are a follower of my blog you will know by now I am a complete bookworm, I really like all styles of book, it is great to have the escapism from the treadmill of everyday life, so when the opportunity arises to review a book it is a definite yes from me.

Findo’s Mousetrap is the debut novel from author Graham Paskett, the storyline is written from Findo’s perspective who co-owns the Findo’s mousetrap machine along with his childhood friend Mac. The Findo’s mousetrap is a unique invention that can unlock events and emotions that have been recorded and held in the fabric of buildings, combine this with a 21st century love story involving a character called Dympha Doyle, the three go on a journey of love and betrayal along with secrets and the past creating a right royal mess with a very exciting plotline.

I will admit initially I found the writing style a little hard going but you need to give it time to let the story evolve. The language is not modern but works with the characters as it is something you would expect them to say! I can’t find the characters lovable at all and you don’t find yourself routing for them as you might with some other book characters but the plot is very fast moving so it keeps you drawn in.

The story crosses the continent to the USA and back to England and Scotland, the storyline adds the potential problem of what happens if we can see into the future by using the mousetrap (would we really want to know as you would spend a long time worrying about it if it wasn’t good news!)

So when finished I was left with a mmmm type of feeling, I felt that something was missing but I couldn’t tell you what, the story however did leave me with some interesting thoughts regarding the mousetrap and it’s uses and I like books that make you questions yourself sometimes and I do feel there is a good opportunity for a second book to maybe answer all the questions or use the mousetrap for the greater good.  It is however worth a read and ideal for a good weekend/beach bag read as it isn’t too long and heavy.


One of my readers has the chance to win their own copy of Findo’s Mousetrap by entering the Rafflecopter giveaway below.

 a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer I was given a copy of Findo’s Mousetrap for an honest and unbiased review


32 thoughts on “Findo’s Mousetrap book review and giveaway

  1. I’d love to be at the court of Henry VIII, though hopefully I can be a little on the ugly side as catching his attention could prove fatal!!


  2. The Thames Frost Fairs. They used to have festivals on the Thames in the winter because the ice was so thick.


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