My NameTags review


So I expect like me if you have little ones you spend a lot of time looking for lost shoes/clothes/coats and any other random item that your little one has taken to school/pre-school and decided to not bring back!  There is always a danger that H will return in shoes belonging to another child as there seems to be a crossover in children having the same shoes at pre-school!!

I normally put H’s intitials in his stuff but this doesn’t necessarily help him locate his own items so when I was asked by My NameTags to review their product I thought this would be a great opportunity to ‘upgrade’ our labelling system!


Now the process to choose your label could not be easier, go onto the My Nametags website and click on the Design your own link at the top of the page, you then have the opportunity to choose a design, font, background and the type of label you require, there are so many cute designs to choose from it really does make the label very personal. Here are some examples:


You can also choose from colour stickers or iron on labels or black and white stickers, the list is endless. I think this is a great opportunity to sit down with your child and go through a design that they can help choose and will also enable them to locate their own stuff easily!


As you can see it is so much easier to see the name rather than me handwriting the label and it makes labelling so much more fun!

So I would highly recommend My Nametags as a great product to make life just that little bit easier, and we are all looking for an easier life 🙂 Please do check out the website My Nametags and start designing your own labels in readiness for that return to school…



Disclaimer:  I received the My Nametag labels free of charge but all opinions and words are my own.


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