Tappy Tap Guard Bath Toy Review

I am not sure about other children but H has the great ability to be able to bump his head on anything and I mean literally anything, he managed to hit his head in the same place twice in one week both necessitating a casualty visit (and missing a wonderful friends much anticipated wedding reception) so yes the boy is very accident prone.  For some reason he seems to always end up the tap end of the bath as well (this could be something to do with the 2 million toys he has in the bath).  I am always worried that he is going to crack his head hard on the tap and I am constantly saying move away from the taps whilst doing his bath, well I can safely say this doesn’t happen anymore since Tappy has entered our life.


Tappy is the World’s first combined tap guard and Bath Toy.  Not only do you need to no longer worry about your little one banging their head on the hard tap you now have a bath toy which is not only fun but educational too. Each Tappy tentacle has a coloured number on them so you can practise colours, numbers, and basic adding up which is what we have been doing. Pour some water into Tappy’s mouth and watch the water come out of Tappy’s arms, try and catch the water it is a great game for hand-eye coordination.  A fab thing also I have found about Tappy is that if the tap does run a little hot there is no worry that H might scald himself on it. You can take a look at the Tappy Website for some great ideas of the fun and games you can have with Tappy, or watch the video below:

Tappy is machine washable and is a universal tap fit so will fit on the majority of taps with no problem.

Tappy really is an innovative product that makes bath time not only fun but safe, taking away another worry for us parents!  Buy Your Tappy Here we would highly recommend it.


One thought on “Tappy Tap Guard Bath Toy Review

  1. This sounds brilliant, just the thing I will probably need in a few months time, as due a little baby girl any day now! Will have a look at the website to see what is available! Thank you for sharing your experiences with us 🙂


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