Norman the Slug Who Saved Christmas – Book Review

We love the Norman the Slug books by Sue Hendra in our house, Norman is such a likeable character and you really want him to succeed in his missions!

Well to add to Christmas excitement fever in our house (trust me it is brimming over already, I dread to think how we will actually cope on Christmas Eve!) there is a lovely new book from Sue called Norman The Slug who Saved Christmas.


Norman finds a massive sack of presents – which is he is really hoping is for himself for being so good, however after unwrapping some he realises that there has been a major problem with deliveries from Father Christmas and it is down to him to try and save Christmas for one family, can he do this and how does it do it, it is an enormous task for one little slug….

Another great fun filled adventure from Norman with the standard of illustration that you come to expect, I would really recommend this book to spark the imagination of your little ones, it certainly opened the door to a very detailed conversation with H on how he would save Christmas and help with deliveries of presents.

You can get your very own copy here, go on and see if Norman really does save Christmas.


Disclaimer – I received a copy of Norman the Slug who saved Christmas but all opinions are my own.




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