Stick Man Trail – Forestry Commission

I hope like me you managed to catch the wonderful episode of Stick Man on BBC1 on Christmas Day, we have watched this a number of days and it is a fantastic adaptation of the wonderful book by Julia Donaldson of Gruffalo fame.

Well this was a great opening for us to watch the programme and then actually do the Stick Man Trail on Boxing Day at our local forestry commission Haldon Forest, as many of my readers know we are avid outdoors people with most weekends spent at Haldon Forest in whatever the weather, it was quite amazing how busy it was on Boxing Day, I suspect a number of people where trying to find Stick Man!


As you can see you follow signs around the forest collecting clues, there are activities and questions on each board which really get your little ones mind working and understanding about nature.

We had good fun making dens and looking for clues about which animals lived in the forest.20151226_102308


It really does appeal to all ages of children as does the whole wonder of the Forest, we are lucky to have one very close to us and have the opportunity to visit regularly, not only do we get some good exercise and fresh air it also gives us the chance to teach H about nature and how the forestry commission are working hard to protect our local forest with the hope that H might bring his children along when he is older.

After some good fun following the signs and doing the activities we reached the end of the Stick Man trail.


This was met with much excitement but not as much as when we actually found the Stick Man himself!


I truly cannot recommend the Forestry Commission and the Stick Man Trail highly enough, this is good honest family fun that doesn’t cost the earth but actually brings your child into an environment where learning is jolly good fun!

Check out your  Local Forests here and see what activities are planned, there really is something for everybody all year round.



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