THE CLASS – Book Review and giveaway


Here we are again with a book review, I was very lucky myself to get quite a few books for Christmas and was very pleased to see H be excited to get books not only for Christmas but also for his birthday in early January, I see my book worm status is rubbing off on him!!

We were asked to review The Class written by Eleanor Levenson by Fisherton Press, this book is ideal in a whole number of ways for H as it is introducing him to a school class and with September ever looming and him starting school this is very relevant.

It is an easy to read book based around twenty six children all with different names starting with the letters of the alphabet.


It follows the children through the school day to see what they get up to.

This book not only gives an introduction to the class environment but also helps with learning the alphabet, with good illustrations and a happy feel it is a great book to begin the transition to starting school and learning to read and write, H and I would highly recommend it.

One of my lucky readers can win their own copy of The Class by entering the Rafflecopter competition below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer – I was given a copy of The Class to review, all opinions and words are my own




20 thoughts on “The Class – Book Review and giveaway

  1. There are plenty of books out there to read to your child before they start school. Also before they start, walk them to the school to see the other children coming out or doing pe in the field. Take them shopping to buy their new school bag and stationary and let them choose their favourite characters or designs.


  2. I think as parents we are the ones who need the advise and are most upset about the children going to school as you have to admit your child is no longer a baby but is indeed an independent individual.


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