Mini Weekend Box – Review plus code for a free box

H is obsessed with arts and crafts in our house, ask him what does he want to do and I guarantee arts and crafts will be the reply.

Now if you are like me and looking for inspiration (no matter how I try I am not crafty) then the weekend box is for you.

Weekend Box Club started out in April 2013 by Andy to deliver inspirational, creative activities to busy families, all boxes come with free delivery and fit through the letterbox so no having to run to the Post Office to collect a parcel if you are out, also they are actually addressed to your little one which causes great excitement in our household as H loves to receive post!

All Weekend Boxes are themed around topical events such as Mother’s Day, Easter etc and activities fit into one of four categories:

  • Something to make (arts and crafts)
  • Something to bake (cooking activities)
  • Something to explore (sensory exploration activities)
  • Something Green (something to plant or up-cycle)

Opening the box is very exciting as you don’t know what you will be receiving.

We received the Mini Weekend Box which costs £4.95 including free delivery.


Mini Weekend Boxes arrive fortnightly and can be paused at any point, they contain two activities with all the bits you need for the task.


We had a bird mask to make which H had great fun doing, I was only involved in cutting out the eyes in the card.


The End Result


The other activity was to plant some seeds for our own rainforest which is currently growing!

The Weekend Box is really a great idea and very good for fun for all ages of children including adults!

If any of my readers would like to try their first weekend box free then please go onto the Weekend Box website and enter the Promo Code REBECCA204.


Disclaimer –  I was given a Mini Weekend Box free to review but all opinions and words are my own




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