‘Get the World Ready’ – new campaign by Dettol



I remember very clearly the days leading up to the arrival of H, I spent a good deal of time cleaning the most random of places in the house (places he would never even go!) just in case he got any dirt on him!

The first journey in the car I remember like it was yesterday not over 4 years ago, we were travelling from our big hospital to our local hospital for me to have one more nights stay after my C-section, after spending what seemed like hours working out how the car seat straps worked we clicked our precious bundle into the car seat base, I painfully managed to squeeze myself into the passenger seat and started on the 20 min journey to the other hospital.  After about 2 minutes my husband pulled over and I went to sit in the back, just to check H was breathing!!!


This was H at 3 days old, yes he was a very big boy!!!

With the arrival of H came my need to have to clean everything, Dettol anti-bacterial Cleansing Surface wipes were a must, as was the spray, I think once you become a mum you see a whole new plethora of bugs and germs that you never really noticed before.

When they start to crawl a whole new world of germs awaits, why is it that every baby always seems to find the one piece of chewed up spat up food and decide that it is a delicacy that must be tasted!  Crawling on the floor, hands in mouth it was a constant battle against germs wherever we went!  I always carry hand sanitizer even now and wipes so if we needed to use changing rooms that had been left in not such a good state then I could at least give it a wipe down and feel confident everything was clean.

Once H went to nursery it really upped the stakes in bringing every bug home, I seriously have never felt so ill in all my life as everything H got I got!, 5 bouts of tonsillitis in 3 months was really draining, again the hand sanitizer was always never far from me.

Dettol have launched a new campaign about getting the world ready for your new arrival.  Part of this campaign is some really good advice which I have detailed below:

No matter how clean your home is, it’s essential to take extra care when you’re preparing for the arrival of a new-born or have a toddler keen to explore.   Adopting these simple hygiene habits will ensure that your home is hygienically clean and safe for your little one:


Healthier Surfaces

  • Nurseries should be kept free of harmful germs, especially in the first few weeks.  Don’t forget it’s not just the changing mat and cot that can harbour germs but also frequently touched areas like the door handles and light switches.  Dettol Anti-bacterial Surface Cleanser has no taint, no odour and no bleach and is suitable for use in baby contact areas.


Germ Free on the Go  

  • From that first night in the hospital to the first trip out,  keep car seats, highchairs and all your baby equipment germ free with Dettol Anti-bacterial Cleansing Surface Wipes which kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses and are great for hard to reach surfaces and on the go.



  • Keeping your hands clean, before and after handling your little one, is really important to make sure germs don’t spread. If you’re feeding, changing, or perhaps handling food or pets, try our Dettol No-Touch Hand Wash System. It automatically dispenses anti-bacterial Hand Wash, after you place your hands under the nozzle to help prevent the spread of germs.


Added Laundry Protection

  • It’s not just re-used baby clothes and bedding that can harbour germs, new ones can too! While washing at low temperatures is kind to baby’s clothes, it doesn’t offer protection against bacteria which can survive below 60˚C. Use our unique Dettol Anti-bacterial Laundry Cleanser alongside your normal detergent and softener to guarantee hygienic cleaning, even at temperatures as low as 15˚C.

They have also released some lovely videos which follow some new mums on their way through pregnancy through to the arrival of their gorgeous little ones.


So why don’t you share your memories of getting the world ready for your baby #gettheworldready http://www.dettol.co.uk

This is a collaborative post with the videos provided by Dettol


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