KidStart – Helping families put money away for the future


I am not sure if many of my followers are aware of the Kidstart programme?  I use it every week for my online food shop.



Basically you join Kidstart and search for the retailer that you wish to purchase something from online, you click through the link provided and then shop as normal.

The retailers that Kidstart work with are very popular and not only that it is absolutely free to join Kidstart, for each shop you do online you earn money back, here are some examples of what you receive below:

Waitrose  – 6% back for new customers plus £20 off shop, 1.2% back for all existing customers

Tesco direct  – 1% Kidstart saving

Tesco – Up to £ 3 Kidstart saving

Amazon – 2% back on all purchases

The list goes on and on….

The process is very simple:






I would highly recommend signing up to KidStart, you can find the link here

So far I have managed to save over £30 for H literally by signing into Kidstart being redirected to my online food shop supplier and nothing more.


You really do get something for nothing (which is so rare nowadays) and with everything from retail, through to holidays and utilities there is something for everybody to save money through purchases you would normally make.

Give it a try and start saving today…..





Funky Cushion – A review, giveaway and discount code

Have you ever just wanted to change things around a bit without costing a fortune?  I sometimes watch the interior design programmes and have so many ideas as to things I will change but not the budget to do it!

Well let me introduce you to Funky Cushion, at Funky Cushion they offer gorgeous affordable funky cushion covers that really do give you the chance to change the theme of your room.

Take a look at the Funky Cushion website to see all the wonderful designs that are available.

Capture 2

The size of the cushion cover is 45cm x 45 cm which is pretty standard.

Capture 1

With costs around the £7 mark it is such a simple and cost effective way of changing the look of things.

Capture 3

I chose the following cushion cover, the ordering system is simple and delivery fast.



So I would highly recommend Funky Cushion, they offer such an affordable way of having some fabulous cushion designs without the huge cost involved with replacing the whole cushion. Keep an eye out on the website as some new designs will be featured soon including an Alice in Wonderland cover, also do check out Funky Cushion social media sites for regular updates:

Funky Cushion Twitter

Funky Cushion Facebook

Funky Cushion Instagram

Thanks to Funky Cushion one of my lovely followers has the chance to win a cushion cover of their choice by entering the Rafflecopter competiton below.  Good Luck everyone.
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By using the following special discount code you can get 10% off all orders from Funky Cushion:


Enjoy everybody…..

Disclaimer – I received a Funky Cushion cover free of charge to review but all opinions and words are my own


Forestry Commission – Discovery Pass giveaway

I have blogged many times before about what a great time we have when we visit Haldon Forest part of the Forestry Commission.  My lovely followers will know that we love the great outdoors and so very much is on offer by the Forestry Commission from the recent The Forest After Dark event along with the Stick man trail, Gruffalo trail and many many more.


Well courtesy of the wonderful people at the Forestry Commission my followers are in for a real treat, one of you guys will win a 12 month Forestry Commission Discovery Pass, I am so excited to be able to offer this opportunity to my lovely followers and I know that one of you will have as much fun as we do in their local forest.

What do you get in a Discovery Pass

  • Free car parking at your designated local forest
  • A seasonal e-newsletter, with forest news and events.
  • Great local discounts including 15% off Go Ape, 15% off Forest Holidays, 10% off Paramo Clothing and 10% off Muddy Puddles.
  • Other local benefits

Capture 2

The parking permit must be displayed in your car whilst visiting the forest and the good thing is you can register up to 2 cars on the permit so ideal if you have more than one car.

More importantly, purchases of Discovery Passes help directly support the conservation and improvement works at your local forest site and that is a whole lot of hard work, every time we visit Haldon they are always improving and conserving the forest, making it available for many generations to come.

Please click on the forestry commission website here and you will be able to find your local forest and see what they have to offer.

This is such a great offer from the Forestry Commission and I so grateful that they are letting me run this giveaway.

Please do make sure you enter all the mandatory sections (I do not want to have to exclude you from the chance of winning this great prize)

Please also note that the Discovery Pass only applies to Forestry Commission England sites so all entrants must be from England.

Good Luck everybody 🙂

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The S+ by ResMed: The World’s First Non-Contact, Fully Comprehensive Sleep Tracking System – Review – An Update

So there was a very interesting article in the newspaper today about Britons not getting enough sleep!

Britons are missing out on a total of one night’s sleep every week, warn experts.
The lack of shut-eye – an average of almost an hour lost every night – could have far-reaching health consequences and there are now demands for national guidelines to confront the problem.
Overall the average adult sleeps 6.8 hours a night – almost an hour below the 7.7 hours most people feel they need to be refreshed, says the Royal Society for Public Health. Over a week, this adds up to an entire night.
Shirley Cramer, chief executive of the RSPH said: ‘We do need to wake up to the benefits of sleep. There is a wealth of evidence that lack of it is damaging the public’s health.
‘Poor sleep and sleep disorders impact on our ability to lead a healthy lifestyle and are associated with a range of diseases. Our research shows there is a gap in how much sleep the public are getting compared to how much they need. Efforts to combat this could be as critical to optimising our wellbeing as having a healthy lifestyle and having a healthy diet.
‘A good starting point would be to ensure sleep has parity alongside other areas of health and develop a national sleep strategy which sets out guidance for the public and highlights what more schools, employers, and healthcare professionals can do to ensure the nation sleeps better at night.’ Studies have found that people who get less than six hours sleep a night are more likely to get colorectal cancer, while men with insomnia have double the risk of contracting prostate cancer.

I thought this was a very interesting read and proves as per my blog post below the importance of getting a good nights sleep.  For those of you who are struggling it is certainly worth trying the S+ by ResMed, you will be amazed by the results.


Now it is very well known by all who know me that I like my sleep, since the arrival of H this sleep has been a lot less than it used to be, but I still do like my sleep.  We have been very lucky that H is exactly like me and he too likes his sleep now he is bigger!  Without a good night’s sleep I am grumpy and also unable to function as well as I should.

So luck was definitely on my side when I was asked to try out the new S+ by ResMed. The S+ is the world’s first non contact, fully comprehensive sleep tracking systems.  I had tried one of those wristbands that track sleep in the past but I found them too annoying and hot to wear so that only lasted a few days!

The S+ features patent-protected SleepSensor technology which makes it possible for the first time to track, analyse and improve sleep at home without needing to wear a wristband or use electrodes or mattress strips. Unlike other sleep trackers it also has the capability to analyse each stage of sleep through the night.

Sleep Facts

Most people need around eight hours of good quality sleep each night although some people need more and some less. According to NHS information ‘what matters is that you find out how much sleep you need and then try to achieve it.’

Capture 3

Poor sleep regularly affects one in three people in the UK.

In a recent survey, 75% of UK adults said they had experienced poor sleep in the last month.

  • 43% of people describe themselves as ‘permanently exhausted’, or ‘sleep deprived’.
  • 42% of people on sleeping pills have been taking them for more than a decade, against NHS advice.
  •    According to a recent survey, sleep-deprived workers take six million sick days a year, with the cost to the UK economy running to £611 million

Capture 9



In this day and age there is plenty of things going on that sabotage our sleep! Although any exposure to light at night time can disrupt the bodyclock, not all types of light are equally disruptive. Blue wavelengths, which are beneficial during daylight hours because they boost attention, reaction times, and mood are thought to be the most disruptive at night.Back-lit devices such as laptops, tablets and phones all emit blue light and so should not be used before bed, or as a way to pass the time when sleep does not come.

Caffeine, alcohol and nicotine are all substances which can impair sleep quality. Eating large meals shortly before bed means that the body will spend time digesting before it can sleep. Taking exercise can help with sleep but the timing of physical activity is important, exercising earlier in the day is better as exercise increases the body’s adrenaline production, making it difficult to sleep.Failure to maintain a regular bedtime and morning routine, and napping during the day to try and catch up on lost sleep are also counter-productive.

So if you want to be able to track your sleep and make amendments to what you are doing to enjoy better quality sleep in an easy way then look no further than the S+ by ResMed.

S+ image.jpg

Here is the technical bit on how it works:

The S+ comprises a device that sits beside the bed, a cloud-hosted Sleep Mentor system, and a free mobile app (Apple iOS and Android). The bedside device uses a highly calibrated respiratory and bio-motion sensor to measure and analyse sleep stages. It records movements caused by the expansion and relaxation of the chest with breathing in and out, and overall body movements such as positional changes, arm twitches and shrugs. Each morning, the S+ app delivers sleep scores and sleep charts to a connected phone or tablet, and the S+ Sleep Mentor uses a software algorithm based on over two million nights of sleep data to deliver personalised feedback and suggestions to help users improve their sleep.

Unlike other smartphone apps and other sleep trackers on the market, the S+ accurately tracks every stage of the sleep process. It provides an accurate breakdown of how the night unfolds, pinpointing sleep onset, and tracking cycles of light, deep and REM sleep to help build up a picture of the quality of sleep achieved as well as the quantity.

And here is my bit on how it works, you download the app onto your phone, turn on the Bluetooth it connects to the S+ and off you go, when it is time to go to bed switch on the sleep tracker part on the app, it asks you how stressed you have been during the day, the number of alcoholic drinks you have had, the number of drinks with caffeine you have drunk and any exercise you have taken.

You have the opportunity using the clear your mind function by either making a voice recording or typing a message to review in the morning (great last night when I remembered I needed to add something onto my online food shop just before I went to bed!)  You also have a relax to sleep function which provides a choice of soothing sounds that synchronizes with your breathing pattern (I know, how clever!!) to help with the process of falling asleep at bedtime. There is also a smart alarm feature which allows you to set a window of time for the S+ to naturally wake you when you are in a light sleep allowing you to wake feeling more refreshed.

Once you are awake you stop the sleep tracking and you receive a report on your phone, it is amazing how accurate it is to be honest.  On  Monday I woke up feeling like I hadn’t had a good nights sleep and below was the results:

Capture 16

As you can see it showed me that I had taken quite a long time to fall asleep, so the S+ will come up with suggestions to improve this.

Tuesdays sleep was much better 🙂

Capture 17

It is very interesting to see what sleep pattern I have and without doubt it is very accurate.

Did you know that having good sleep is proven to do the following:

Capture 7

Capture 5

Capture 6

Capture 4

So please do take a look at S+ by ResMed Sleep Tracker and see for yourself the wonderful benefits of the S+ and in turn the amazing benefits of a good night’s sleep.


Disclaimer – I was given a S+ to test but all opinions are my own




Childs Farm 3 in 1 swim – Review and giveaway

We have been using Childs Farm products in our house since H was born, when he was a newborn he did have small patches of dry skin all over his body and the doctor was very quick to prescribe creams and lotions and potions which just didn’t sit right with me.  I know that they work well with some children and that some children suffer terribly with sensitive skin and require creams to help with the symptons, but they just weren’t right for us.

CF logo LOGO 2015squareOn my quest to find something alternative I came across the Childs Farm products, Childs Farm was founded by Joanna Jensen in 2010 when she was looking for some shampoo and conditioner to help with both her daughters fine hair and sensitive skin. Through hard work the most wonderful range of products has been created. All of their toiletries are especially designed for the skin and hair of babies and children. Brilliant at cleaning and moisturising, they’re also kind, mild, gentle and suitable for sensitive and eczema-prone skin. Made with 98% naturally-derived ingredients and scented with essential oils, they smell amazing too.

Bathing range 2016

We have been reviewing the 3 in 1 swim product available from Childs Farm, ideal to use in the summer or after a lesson or playing in the swimming pool.  The 3 in 1 swim combines shampoo, conditioner and body wash all in one bottle with the wonderful smell of strawberry and organic mint it is perfect for getting rid of that chlorine smell or salt from the sea.  No more taking in a body wash bottle and then a shampoo bottle into the shower it  is very convenient to have it all in the one bottle.

As with all other products, the Childs Farm 3 in 1 swim is:

– Dermatologically tested and approved
– Paediatrician approved
– Full of natural ingredients (98%)
– Made with organic essential oils
– Free from parabens, SLSs, mineral oils and artificial colours
– Suitable for newborns
– Suitable for children with eczema-prone skin

I have found with other gels, shampoo etc there is always an aroma of chlorine around H after we have been swimming but not with the 3 in 1 swim, no soap/shampoo in his eyes that sting in the shower he is one happy chappy.

Do take a look at Childs Farm and see for yourself the gorgeous products that are available. You can also buy on the high street from Boots, Waitrose, John Lewis as well as many others.

One of my very lucky followers will have the chance to win a Childs Farm Little Essentials kit to try the 3 in 1 swim product themselves by entering my Rafflecopter giveaway below.

Prize Little essentials CF177

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The Forest After Dark – Forestry Commission – Earth Hour

As you may know by our stick man trail review we are very lucky to be involved in blogging for the Forestry Commission.  Our passion is to be in the great outdoors and we are very lucky to be close to the wonderful Haldon Forest in Devon, there really is a plethora of activities for all ages there and we are so lucky to be able to have such a great outdoor space literally on our doorstep.

We visited on Sunday with some friends and H spent some time building a den (along with the grown up boys in the group!) It truly is fun at it’s best whilst helping to preserve the forest for years to come with the great work that the Forestry Commission do.


So I just wanted to let you know in support of Earth Hour which takes place 19th March between 8.30pm and 9.30pm many of the Forestry Commission sites have teamed up with the WWF to raise awareness. Earth hour is a global event where people switch off their lights to show their love for the planet.

You can check the Forestry commission website to see what events are taking place in your local area.

We are very lucky that Haldon Forest are running the following event:


So check out your local Forestry Commission and see what things you might see in the dark, wrap up warm and have some great fun.


Supertato – Veggies Assemble – book review and giveaway

I haven’t seen H so excited in a book for a long time, we were lucky to receive a copy of Supertato – Veggies Assemble free to review and this book is now a very firm favourite in our house!

Due to be published on April 21st this really is a very funny adventure, H even made up the story in the car before I had read it to him, the pictures lead to some imaginative stories from him that were very close to the real storyline!


Having read the introduction on the back of the book we were very excited to find out the trials and tribulations of Supertato!

Supertato to the rescue!

The Evil Pea is on the loose and there’s anarchy in the aisles!
Can our supermarket superhero divert disaster?
Or is he going to need backup?

Great storyline and artwork for children to involve themselves in the world of vegetables, we struggle in our house to get any enthusiasm for vegetables to be eaten but after reading Supertato we made our very own Supercarrot and H actually ate some as well.  When I dropped some frozen peas on the floor by accident H spent a considerable time chasing the Evil Peas around the floor!

Supertato is written by the very talented Sue Hendra who has also written the lovely Norman the Slug series and Barry the Fish with Fingers (again highly recommended) and the wonderful illustrations are by Paul Linnet.

Supertato – Veggies Assemble is currently available to pre-order on Amazon on the following link:  Supertato – Veggies Assemble and one very lucky follower of my blog can win their own copy by entering my Rafflecopter giveaway below:

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Disclaimer – I was given a copy of Supertato – Veggies assemble free of charge for review but all words and opinions are my own