KidStart – Helping families put money away for the future


I am not sure if many of my followers are aware of the Kidstart programme?  I use it every week for my online food shop.



Basically you join Kidstart and search for the retailer that you wish to purchase something from online, you click through the link provided and then shop as normal.

The retailers that Kidstart work with are very popular and not only that it is absolutely free to join Kidstart, for each shop you do online you earn money back, here are some examples of what you receive below:

Waitrose  – 6% back for new customers plus £20 off shop, 1.2% back for all existing customers

Tesco direct  – 1% Kidstart saving

Tesco – Up to £ 3 Kidstart saving

Amazon – 2% back on all purchases

The list goes on and on….

The process is very simple:






I would highly recommend signing up to KidStart, you can find the link here

So far I have managed to save over £30 for H literally by signing into Kidstart being redirected to my online food shop supplier and nothing more.


You really do get something for nothing (which is so rare nowadays) and with everything from retail, through to holidays and utilities there is something for everybody to save money through purchases you would normally make.

Give it a try and start saving today…..





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