Jumping Dog Childrens Clothes and The Cinci Lei Project – Review and giveaway

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I cannot get across how much I love the Jumping Dog collection of clothes and the concept behind the creation of the Jumping Dog brand.

I find there is a very limited offer for clothing for H to really get across his character and style, you can go to the high street and look for clothes and they are either too babyish, too grown up or just simply have nothing about them.

When I was offered the opportunity to collaborate with Jumping Dog then I jumped at the chance (pun intended!)


Jumping Dog in their own words are dedicated to making clothes that children want to put on each morning to take them on an adventure of their creation.

The label encourages children who want adventure and excitement in their everyday wear, transforming the most simple of designs into an interactive adventure. Each t-shirt can be changed into an individual art work with each wear, jackets can be made to soar over the horizon in their adventures – each piece is unique to the wearers imagination..

These words could not be more true and are a great description of the collection. We were lucky enough to try out one of their Reversible T- Shirts.



The great thing about the T-shirt apart from the wonderful design is that your child gets to colour it in and make the design all theirs, pop it in the wash and then start all over again….



H had great fun working on his design and the fit and quality was exceptional.

So not only do you have a great choice of some wonderful unique designed clothing from Jumping Dog, there is something even more fabulous that takes place each time you purchase from Jumping Dog.

100% of the proceeds from Jumping Dog will fund the Cinci Lei Project which helps children in terrible poverty and living conditions.

The Lost Boys are a group of kids who live in tunnels underneath the streets of Bucharest. They live in abject poverty and face seemingly insurmountable challenges in their every day lives.

Photographer, and founder of Jumping Dog, Joost Vandebrug has intimately and uniquely documented the lives of this group of lost children for over 5 years and set up the Cinci Lei Project to help these children change and improve their situation and lives for the better.

Jumping Dog was founded in 2014 with the view that not only will the label create clothes that children want to wear but will help the children who need it.

This is an amazing project helping children who are in desperate need and really needs the support of everybody to try and make a change for children who deserve better.

Please do take a look at the Jumping Dog website and check out the wonderful designs and clothing that is available.

One of my very lucky followers has the opportunity of winning a Reversible T Shirt as modelled by H himself by entering my Rafflecopter giveaway below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Disclaimer: I received a Jumping Dog reversible T-shirt free for review but all opinions are my own


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