Funky Cushion – ANOTHER GIVEAWAY!!!

Ok after the enormous success of my last Funky Cushion giveaway, the very generous Funky Cushion people have agreed to run another giveaway of one of their gorgeous designed cushion covers, how lucky are you guys!!

Capture 1

So as I have mentioned on previous blog review there is such a huge choice of cushion cover designs to choose from on the Funky Cushion website allowing you an affordable way to have some gorgeous cushions of your choice.


Gone are the days of spending £30 on a cushion, with Funky Cushion it really is an affordable way of changing things around without breaking the bank.

Capture 2


So courtesy of the team at Funky Cushion, please do enter the Rafflecopter competiton below, and follow Funky Cushion on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to get updates and news on all the designs available.
a Rafflecopter giveaway


97 thoughts on “Funky Cushion – ANOTHER GIVEAWAY!!!

  1. Love the elephant cushion. My daughter who’s nick name is elephant not because of her size would be given it


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