“Conti Bookcase review”


Are you forever looking for storage ideas but cannot find something that actually fits the space you need?  We seem to be minimalistic and not in a good way at home with not much space to put anything on, I think it comes from moving to a bigger house with just the smaller house furniture, we need to fill spaces!  Everybody knows that throw a 4 year old into the mix well they have stuff a lot of stuff!!

When I was approached by Conti@Home about reviewing their bookcases it couldn’t have come at a better time.

CONTI at HOME logo-01

We are book lovers in our house as you know but the humble bookcase can be used for so much more, the Conti bookcase comes with pre-inserted fittings so they are easy to put together and as they are flat packed they can be delivered straight to your door. Now constructing flat pack is not one of my favourite things to do but this was a challenge we were ready to accept (or actually my husband was instructed he was doing!)

We chose the Tall bookcase in Liquorice, there are 4 colours and 12 sizes so you can mix and match if want to truly create something bespoke for your house.

Delivery was quick and extremely painless, the bookcase was extremely well packaged to ensure there was no damage.


Now I will admit I was concerned, my husband gets very stroppy with flat packed items, H’s plastic garden play house was a nightmare so I was expecting trouble!  I could not have been more wrong, the instructions were so clear and easy to follow that I heard no swearing or cursing once during the process!


As they say on the Conti Website it really is easy-peasy to put together.



The most complicated part was choosing from the pre-drilled holes where to position the shelves! The whole process took 30 minutes and that was with the ‘assistance’ of H and his plastic tool kit!


And voila below is the finished item, I have to say for the cost of the bookcase, this one in particular was £57.50 I really am impressed, it is not flimsy, nice and solid and looks the part, yes you can see the pre-drilled holes under the shelves if you look closely enough but to be fair I don’t study my furniture that closely!


I really do recommend Conti Bookcases if you are looking for an product that is easy to put together, doesn’t cost the earth and is versatile enough to be able to create your own unique look.


Please do take a look at the Conti website  it is well worth a look and you will find something for everybody.


Disclaimer – I was given a Conti bookcase free to review but all opinions are my own




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