Timmy Failure – Sanitized for your protection – Book Review


You will know that I have reviewed Timmy Failure books previously and even I love them (even though I am not the exact age range that the book is aimed at!) I was more than excited to be able to review the next book in the series, Timmy Failure – Sanitized for your protection!


Now anything with an image of a toilet on the front cover has the attention of H immediately (what is it with boys and toilets!)

This is the fourth book in the Timmy Failure series and delivers as all the other books in the series a fantastic adventure with everyone’s favourite kid detective. Award winning author Stephan Pastis’s Timmy Failure books are perfect for fans of Wimpy Kid and Barry Loser.


You get lost in the tale of Timmy Failure’s road trip with none other than the notorious criminal Molly Moskins.  Together they travel halfway across the country helping Timmy’s mother’s boyfriend settle into his new job whilst maintaining his highly important detective work and running the world’s greatest detective agency Total Failure Inc. Timmy has a case to solve, and nothing can stand in his way. If he is to arrest Corrina Corrina and solve the YIP YAP case, Timmy, his sidekick polar bear Total, and Molly Moskins must go on the run!

I really don’t want to give too much away, again this book hits the mark and will even have the adults chuckling in amusement, highly recommended read yet again, we cannot wait for the next Timmy Failure adventure…..



Check out the Timmy Failure website for more great information about the boy himself!

Disclaimer – I received a copy of Timmy Failure – Sanitized for your protection to review but all opinions are my own



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