Bentleg Badsmeller of Barnacle Bay Book Review and Giveaway


What’s a pirate’s favourite letter?  “RRRRRRRRR”!!!!!!!

H is obsessed with pirates, he loves the adventures they get up to and even more likes to dress up as one!

So when the opportunity arose to review Bentleg Badsmeller of Barnacle Bay it was a definite yes please from us!

Now this gorgeous book is written and illustrated by the very talented Jilly Bentley, the first book to be published about the colourful character of Bentleg Badsmeller.

It is a tale full of adventures involving many wonderful characters who all know and love Bentleg. Set aboard the ‘Jolly Jilly’  this first story tells about how he comes up against Snotwart Sniveller, his arch-enemy, and his faithful crew hatch a plot to rescue him from Snotwart’s clutches on Whale Island.


The illustrations are so lovely and really evoked conversations and story telling from H

Bentleg has some great support from some very likeable characters



Pearl the Mermaid:


Acne the Dog:


This picture book is great for everybody young and old, H is a little young for the whole story in one sitting so we dip in and out of the chapters and make tales up from the pictures.  All that glitters is not gold and there is a lesson to be learnt for everyone from the actual storyline.

What makes it even more lovely is the story behind how Bentleg came about, in Jilly’s own words she first wrote Bentleg 25 years ago when her children were young and it remained in a drawer until recently when Jilly illustrated it and decided to publish. It is based on their family and is a story told with much love and humour.

We couldn’t agree more and for that reason we are awarding Bentleg Badsmeller of Barnacle Bay a lovely 5 stars!


You can purchase your own copy of Bentleg Badsmeller of Barnacle Bay here and one very lucky follower can win their own copy by entering the Rafflecopter giveaway below, Good Luck everybody.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer – I received a copy of Bentleg Badsmeller of Barnacle Bay for review but all opinions are my own


42 thoughts on “Bentleg Badsmeller of Barnacle Bay Book Review and Giveaway

  1. Love the large clear illustrations my lad would love the pirate Bentleg Badsmeller and acne the dog. I love love love the inventive names 😀 I think I would like ZakSharkAttack and Jolly Jilly best


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