Forestry Commission – picking that perfect tree and Christmas activities


So as a follower of my blog you will know I am a firm believer in the great outdoors and a great supporter of the Forestry Commission, I can guarantee over the Christmas holidays we will be visiting Haldon Forest our local site to have some adventures and to walk off the copious amounts of food consumed in the name of fun!

Now choosing your Christmas tree is undoubtedly one of the highlights of the festive season, but other than the size, what are the things to consider when buying your tree?

Well Forestry Commission England have come up with a handy guide to tell you how to pick the best Christmas Tree for you!


Each tree species can be a little bit different in size, scent and needle retention so it’s difficult to know which one is perfect for you, below is a handy guide on three of the most popular trees:

Norway spruce

The Norway spruce is the traditional Christmas tree – it’s known for:

  • A wonderful shape and an abundance of branches – great for hanging lots of decorations!
  • A lovely ‘Christmassy’ scent that’s perfect at this time of year
  •  Being a little sharp and spikey to touch 

Who does it suit?

With a long lasting scent and a traditional shape, Norway spruce are perfect for those who appreciate the classic look and smell of Christmas.


It’s best to buy your Norway Spruce nearer to Christmas as it can lose its needles quite quickly once brought indoors. To help your spruce retain its needles for longer, keep it away from the radiator and ensure it’s watered every day.

Nordmann fir

The Nordmann fir is the most popular Christmas tree in Europe – it’s known for:

  • Having soft foliage and an even shape – making it a joy to decorate!
  • Glossy, dark green needles that have a whitish/light blue underside
  • Strong branches, which are great for hanging those big glass decorations

Who does it suit?

With its big needles which are lovely and soft, Nordmann fir are perfect for those with young children.


Our top quality Nordmann fir can be quite a wide tree, so you will need reasonable space to show it off to its best. For a 6ft tall tree allow approximately 5ft space.

Lodgepole pine

The Lodgepole pine looks best in a big space with high ceilings – it’s known for:

  • It’s bushy appearance and luscious long green needles
  • Branches that point upwards
  • That wonderful pine scent
  • It’s great needle retention, which makes it a long lasting tree

Who does it suit?

With the best needle retention of them all, Lodgepole pines are perfect for those who like to decorate their tree and little earlier and don’t want Christmas to end.


The long needles on Lodgepole pines draw attention to any decorations. More is definitely more with this tree!

Real v’s fake



Being experts in trees, woodland and sustainable forestry, Forestry Commission England’s real Christmas trees are so good, even Santa has given his stamp of approval. But why buy real?

Real trees use 10 times fewer materials and five times less energy than artificial trees. And they are completely biodegradable.

Forestry Commission England only sell trees that are grown in the UK in a well-managed way and more trees are planted each year than harvested. This year, you can even plant your own!

Every tree sold will come with a free baby sapling, allowing you to plant and grow you own real Christmas tree for the future.

It will also come with a certificate of authenticity to guarantee the trees quality, which will be signed by Santa himself.

There is also so much more to offer than just buying a tree. Many of the Forestry Commission sales centres offer a whole Christmas experience including a Santa’s grotto and a whole range of activities for both little and big kids to get into the festive spirit!

Listed below are details of the Christmas , purchase a 100% Santa approved Christmas tree online or check out top tree tips on keeping your tree fresh and healthy over the festive holidays visit

Listed below are the Christmas tree sale centres throughout England.

Christmas tree sale centres:
1.       Haldon Forest
2.       Sherwood Pines
3.       Birches Valley, Cannock Chase
4.       Delamere Forest
5.       Moors Valley
6.       Alice Holt
7.       Queen Elizabeth Country Park
8.       New Park
9.       Bedgebury Pinetum
10.     Wendover Woods
11.     Hamsterley Forest
12.     Whinlatter Forest
13.     Rothbury Forest
14.     Dalby Forest
15.     Guisborough Forest

There’s loads going on at sites across the country this December including
Christmas tree sales at selected sites, self-led trails, selfie stations and
some sites even have Christmas markets and Santa’s grottos.  Please check here
to see what’s on offer locally: (tree sales sites) (self-led trails sites) (Christmas craft ideas)


So visit one of your local Forestry Commission sites, enjoy the great outdoors, find your perfect tree and have fun.








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