Dry Kids Jacket and Trouser Set – Review


It is official, we love mud in our household, well to be honest H loves mud, the squelchier (is there such a word?) the wettest, slimiest version of mud, we love puddles, we love getting wet, we even love the muck heap at our horses, we love muck and mud.


So it will come as no surprise to you when asked to check out the range from Dry Kids we jumped at the chance!

There is a wide selection of products available from Dry Kids from Wellies, All In One Suits, Over Trousers, Jacket and Trouser sets, through to Paint Smocks and Hats.


Now we have tried a number of waterproof all in one suits and trousers and jackets in our house, it is a must as we are out and about every weekend so I was keen to see how Dry Kids products compared.  The Jacket and Trouser set comes in a range of sizes and is suitable for both boys and girls.  The waterproof fabric has been tested to 3000mm of hydrostatic head and is 100% polyester PVC coasted and taped seams.

The fit was excellent on both the cuff and the ankle which is a must as you don’t want the trouser leg lifting up especially if you are pretending to be stuck on a horses muck heap!  There are poppers at the ankle so it can be worn inside or outside of wellies and the elastic waistband on the trousers allowed for a comfy snug fit.

The zip is easy to do up again another must because sometimes the zips on coats especially waterproof ones can be so very tricky to do up for little hands. The quality and feel of the product was very good, I felt that H could wear this and it would do what it was supposed to do! There is a fold away hood in the collar, reflective tape detail and a vented back panel to the jacket with mesh lining.

So we decided to test the suit on the beach just after Christmas, it was a very chilly and windy day so I thought this would be ideal!


The jacket and trousers were a great fit and H felt very warm in them too (yes he is wearing gardening gloves in this picture!)


After much excitement about digging holes the inevitable lets fetch some water to fill the hole happened.


Followed by the lets wade into the sea and only stop when fetched by an adult….


A super test for any wet weather gear!

I can highly recommend the Dry Kids wet weather ranges, they worked a treat for H and really kept him dry, the jacket folds into itself for easy storage so it is easy to pop into your car for all those exciting outdoor activities.

captureWhat activities would you do with your children in their Dry Kids waterproof clothing?  I don’t think you can top puddle jumping, the bigger and muddier the puddle the better the splash!

So please do take a look at the Dry Kids Website, there is something for everybody and highly recommended by myself and H (oh and my washing machine!)






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