Gruffalo Spotters – The Forestry Commission


So firstly let me offer apologies for my absence!  I have had a huge number of things going on in my life and unfortunately this blog has been neglected. However I am back and back with a bang!

Amongst a number of things happening I have a little boy with a broken collar bone (this was done under ‘daddy day care’ and involved jumping off sofas).  I am sure when the dust settles you may see a post regarding ‘daddy day care’ but currently I have a very frustrated little boy who cannot understand why he cannot do things that are fun!


Well his luck was certainly in this weekend as we had the wonderful opportunity of going Gruffalo Spotting at our local Forestry Commission – Haldon Forest. I have done a few post now on Haldon Forest and the fun we have when we visit, well this time was the best time by far!



We really cannot recommend the Gruffalo Spotters highly enough, you can download the app for free in readiness for your adventure.


Now around Haldon Forest there are a number of clues for you to be able to spot the Gruffalo and the wonderful characters in the book.  This led to major excitement from H every time we ‘spotted’ a clue!


So interactive for all children of all ages you can also buy a Gruffalo Spotters Activity Kit which gives you more facts and activities at every character stop.  But the most amazing thing and I will repeat THE MOST AMAZING THING is when you find the footprint at the clue you go into the app, point your phone at the footprint and the character appears on your phone screen enabling your child to have his/her photo taken with that character.  This is simply amazing and truly a wonderful memory for all Gruffalo fans!

Finally after some really truly good fun we found him THE GRUFFALO!!!


This is the most fun we have had for a long time and is simply perfect to get your little ones out in the fresh air and enjoying the wonderful forests locally. I would like to personally thank The Forestry Commission for getting involved in such a fantastic concept I can see so many children having really great fun with the Gruffalo Spotter App and making some fantastic memories that will last a lifetime.

Check out The Gruffalo Spotters Page on the Forestry Commission website to check if your local forest is taking part (if not I would highly recommend a journey to your nearest one) and see if you too can SPOT A GRUFFALO!!

Enjoy everybody…….