About Me

So I am a full time working mummy to a 4 year old boy, a very long awaited little boy, not sure if I am getting the balance right, feel guilty when I go to work, feel guilty that he is an only child, I am a sponge trying to soak up as much information to make sure that my son has the best childhood he can have, I am useless at art and craft type things but try my hardest, useless at baking but try my hardest, the best feeling in the world is when my son tells me he loves me to the moon and back, maybe just maybe I am not as useless as I think.  I am new to this blogging lark but wanted to share, maybe just one blog post might help someone!! 🙂

Come say hi, would love to talk to you.


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi, I’m a blogging mummy too, very new to it, I only have 2 posts! I’m currently on maternity leave but due to go back in August 😦 I already have a 10 year old girl and now a 5 month old, the massive age gap has worked out great as my 10 year old loves to care for our 5 month old as much as possible and give her love and cuddles 🙂

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  2. Don’t be upset he is an only child – so am I, but you get spoiled wicked (For instance I had 2 rooms – a bedroom and the loft/dormer complete with 3-piece suite, sideboard, tv, large stereo system!!!) as an only child and also helps on social skills as you have to make friends by yourself.

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